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  1. Need a vn translator other than vnr

    Thanks for the help I’ll look into ith and agregator
  2. I want to read the vn koiken otome rivive but I don’t know Japanese. I tried to get it working with vnr but can’t seem to get it working. I was wondering if anyone knows another way to read vns similar to vnr or if there is a partial patch for the vn somewhere I can get. Thanks Zach
  3. I found the fix it was the language needed to be in Japanese not just the locales.
  4. hello, this may be in the wrong area so i apologize if it is. I recently bought the sky full of stars bundle from japan to get fine days version and yesterday tried to play the original sky full of stars to see if i had everything working, after installing the game i started reading it but when i get to the part where the main character meats orihime for the first time this error box pops up and every time you press enter it adds an error until you get to the end of their meeting then the game crashes saying the advhd is not responding. I was wondering if anyone knows what is causing this problem and how i might be able to fix it. I also tried the fine days disc to make sure it wasnt the disc but it happens with that one to. Thanks in advance Zach. If you want to see what i am talking about i can use team viewer so you can see it.
  5. i want to get a sky full of stars fine days and if my heart had wings flight diary, but i cant find anywhere to buy them at. i tried to get them from pulltop but they only ship to japan. if anyone knows of another store that sells them and could tell me that would be great. thanks zach
  6. I can’t get clockwork let-line to open on any version

    I already did they don’t reply for some reason, but I’ll try again thanks for the help.
  7. I can’t get clockwork let-line to open on any version

    I think so the tar I downloaded from denpasoft was 3.2 gigs
  8. Hello I bought the denpasoft version of clockwork ley-line and moved the files from the winrar file to a folder on my desktop. For some reason with this vn it won’t open, but instead goes to a black screen and just sits there likes it’s trying to load. I did get it to open this little message box one time with the option the open in full screen mode and when I did that it opened fine. I am trying to find out how to get it to open that box again or another way to get it to work properly. I have also tried the steam version with and without the patch and it also just opens to the black screen every time. My computer is on the latest windows 10 update. It’s is using windows vista x64. I don’t know if this matters or not but I have gone through the quarantined files and there isn’t any for the game in my antivirus and I turned it off. Thanks in advance Zach