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  1. Huh, that's interesting then, I wasn't aware of any other content, at least not that I can remember. Although it has been a few years. Is this something that was in the original version as well?
  2. What specific files do you require? I imagine the exe at a bare minimum, but anything else? I posted the file hashes of my version earlier in the thread in the hope of establishing differences between versions.
  3. Perhaps it would help if people could create checksums of the different versions so it can be established what similarities/differences exist, and which files may be useful to provide to the authors. Here's the Pulltop 15th Anniversary pack version: For those that want to do the same, grab md5.exe from here: https://www.fourmilab.ch/md5/ and place it in your Konosora folder. Then create a batch file with this: @echo off for /r %%f in (*) do md5.exe %%f >> output.txt and run it. Alternatively, you can just run this: for /r %f in (*) do md5.exe %f >>
  4. I tried it with the version of KonoSora from the recent Pulltop 15th Anniversary pack and the patch reports an unsupported version and exits, just in case anyone was considering buying that version.
  5. Interesting. Thanks for the insight into what's going on under the hood. I was unaware of all that. Once everything is done, are you guys planning on making any cut/unused stuff accessible outside the game for interested parties to look at?
  6. I haven't played Musumaker since it released a decade ago. It's great to see work on the translation still persists after all this time (I remember the original project over at HF). Just a query regarding the twins. The progress updates show them listed as a route, but is that just the H-scene you can spy on? I don't recall there being an actual proper route for them, much to my own disappointment.
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