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  1. Have you tried recruiting people in the Reddit community? I'd bet there'd be a few peeps there.
  2. Could you post once a week or 2 just a "It's still going" so people don't lose hope? thanks and keep up good work
  3. Sorry, removed the spoiler. Thought it would be something that would be revealed in the beginning. Usually VNDB hides spoilers unless I enable them.
  4. Was just browsing thru the Musumaker VNDB and noticed that there are only 4 "main heroines" (Ichigo, Karin, Mikan, Zakuro) with everyone else being side characters. So does that mean the "side character" routes are shorter than the "main heroine" routes? Also, if you guys keep making 1% progress every week the game should be fully translated next year!!! yay... *Spoiler Removed* Thanks for your guy's hard work as always. Keep it up!!! Running out of raising sims. Keeping myself occupied with princess maker games for now...
  5. Oh, sorry about that. I think I was looking at page 7. Thanks for the hard work!111
  6. Question: Are the side stories and training going to take as long as the routes in terms of translating? Or are they (hopefully) easier/shorter?
  7. Hey I just wanted to say I really appreciate what you guys are doing. I love raising sims games, and ever since I've played Teaching Feeling: Life With a Slave, and The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu pets: Elf Girl Mimia; I've been looking for more. This game fits right into the category I am looking for. If anyone is bored, you can play the games mentioned above while waiting. They are similar in raising aspect; You can purchase them from dlsite and find their English patches in google. Anyways, keep up the hard work! I am patiently awaiting the games patch! Also, if it's not too much to ask, does anyone have a rough estimation of when the patch should be finished?