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  1. Yeah, in the beginning, i was using the Amaterasu Translation, but I saw the GHS TL, and started again with the GHS TL. The tool that extracted the scripts, only extract the text, not the code. I can't add sprites, new CGs and such :c
  2. I can't do nothing about the TL. What can I do is, see both translations and find a phrase that will match to the scene, using both translations. But if anyone here wants to TLC, or TLEdit, contact me, 'll be very helpful
  3. I put on parenteses that 640x480 sucks. Did you ever see it? I'm not talking about the TL, i'm talking about the quality of VN. Shitty job? Oh well, what i'm doing is shit only because you don't like the GHS translation? Anyone? Dude, you are the only that is saying this.
  4. We can't do nothing about the translation if both sucks, nobody appeared to translate better. I will use GHS translation, cause I think that is more easier to read. I want make CC more "readable" to people (640x480 sucks, y'know)
  5. I was suspecting that might have been the reason, well in that case the Reprint Edition is the next best choice, unless you can find someone to translate the new scenarios? Yeah, but I need first look at the scripts, if they're separated, it will be a lot easy, but if is mixed on the normal, will be very hard :c But I'm thinking in that, I will look at the Complete Edition and see with my eyes
  6. The Complete Edition has new scenarios events, and I don't know japanese :c
  7. For me, GHS is really better. But I'm afraid of nobody read the patch because they say that GHS TL is shit. I'm still thinking what TL I will use. If I use GHS TL, more people will know and read the GHS TL, making that idea of 'GHS TL is shit' go away (that's what I think so)
  8. no, i'm still porting the lines I don't want to fix the translations or do TLC, I just want to people read C+C in a better edition (the original edition sucks) About the translations, I'm still thinking about this, maybe I'll port the 2 translations. I can't decide myself if Amaterasu or GHS TL is better ( I think that GHS better, but, other people can think different, idk jp to see myself :c ) If someone wants do TLC or re-translate, contact me! But my principal aim is port the TL, so i'll continue doing this.
  9. CROSS+CHANNEL - REPRINT EDITION After realized that the original version isn't so good in quality, (the window size, text box, graphics in bad quality) I'm thinking in port the 2 translations (Amaterasu & GHS), but actually, i'm porting the GHS TL. (I decided to port the translation of George Henry Shaft) to the Reprint Edition (the window size increased to 800x600, text box a little better, graphics in a good quality and such) The hacking is 100% done, I extracted and repacked the scripts without big problems. But, there is a few minor problems: Only a few ima
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