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    Cars, anime, visual novels, video games, technology, and so on and so forth.
  1. Visual Novels on a tablet

    The Surface Pro 4 does seem a little on the high spectrum, but it's priced there for a reason. Are you saying that some visual novels require even more robust systems?
  2. Visual Novels on a tablet

    This may sound repetitive, but how do visual novels perform on a tablet, more specifically the Windows tablets? I have an IPad and an IPhone, but the AppStore is lacking in anything other than otome. I've bought everything there was to buy, like If My Heart Had Wings (all routes), and Fragment's Note and stuff. So I went over to check out Windows and it seems like it's just like a Windows PC, besides the downgrade in ram, processing speed and such. Can you help me out, maybe even suggest a tablet or two? Thank you for your time.