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  1. Omg the art of Higurashi is so bad I now realize I want the art style to be decent too, but I'll keep an eye on it in case I'm out of stuff to read. Btw I closed my eyes, and you are still here
  2. Nice! I really like the art style of Karakara. thank you
  3. Hello! I'm looking for these kinds of stories I can read and alternate between Japanese and English, my main goal is to read a good story while practicing my Japanese. I already read Corona Blossom and Nekopara. any other interesting Visual Novels you can suggest? Doesn't matter if they have sex in them, theme is no issue, the only real request is that I can alternate between the English translation and the Japanese text. Thank you kind folk and happy reading btw the links in your " Recommedations - READ BEFORE ASKING " sticky page are all broken, or is it just for me?