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  1. To clarify, the KK version also had a patch that "fixed" a number of issues - it is this patched KK version that this retranslation is based on. As for why, this would be because the KK version simply has less missing text than the Ren'py version. This is not just text that was intentionally redacted, but text that is missing in a way that you can see the following sentences do not make sense without. This may well be the case and we do hope that will indeed occur, in which case this patch will become redundant at no expense to anybody and Sekai's free overhaul will be to the benefit o
  2. Acknowledged. The thumbnails appear to be breaking sporadically. However, I believe you can still view the full-sized image if you follow the link (that is, by right-clicking and opening the link).
  3. Important Notice: This retranslation patch is only applicable to the Ren'py version of the game (i.e. Steam/Humble Bundle) and will not work with the KiriKiri version. It affects only the English text of the game and should not change the Japanese script in any way. For more information on applying the patch, check the Patch Instructions section. Project Introduction - WEE:1 Retranslation: In brief, the WEE:1 Retranslation is a patch that fixes a multitude of mistranslations, formatting, grammatical and punctuation errors and flow-of-text problems with the English script
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