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  1. These pictures I made in photoshop, as a parody Puntuacion = Points The translation of the text would be something like: wtf
  2. Yes, I meant to them precisely. Thank you for the greeting me is that I started to study English at a fairly advanced age, so I doubt I can get to speak fluently, so if at some point not understand me do not hesitate to tell me.
  3. Thanks ^^ I hope that your sojourn was pleasant ^ ^ If, I have played to varied Type Moon, ( Tsukihime of whom I wait for his remake in HD, Fate Stay Night, and several spin off of both games ) Monster Girl Quest 1, Neon Génesis Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel, Chaos Head, Yume miru kusuri, True Love and Clannad Without a doubt my favorites were, Tsukihime, Fate Stay Night and True Love. They came from the first novels I played to and that I save them a hole in my heart to Thank you for the welcome
  4. Hello to all forum, my name is Raaka by Katilot Turmion music xD i love heavy metal. Well a long time (something like one year) I've been going through the website of fuwanovel and playing several novels. And really want to praise the great work that have done the fansubs with them, because thanks to them I have been enjoying many who otherwise could not have. Well I'm from Spain, maybe it sounds a little weird xD, but I think I have decided on adendrarme a little more in this world of visual novels taking the step of registering in the forum. I hope we get along all right and can improve my experience when playing visual novels. As a last fact about me, now I'm playing Sengoku Rance novel and the truth is I'm pretty hooked on the main character is quite funny and sometimes reminds me of my xD And sorry for writing in English bad, I hope to improve it over time
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