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  1. Once again, thanks for all your hard work and im still rooting for you I subscribed to your youtube channel and saw just about all your videos. I didnt want to go with the alpha patch since its not full game but I cant hold on any longer, and now I understand Jap at least a little so I might be able to scrable through the rest somehow Keep at it, you have the support of all the raving Sakurasou fans, there is still quite a few of us
  2. Still rooting for you guys, I started learning Japanese with a teacher twice a week, it's not like its gonna help any, but its sort of fun
  3. Thanks for the answers Alrighty, I will get the psp version then and use emulator. I wanted to get the Vita version, as I assume it will have slightly better quality of pictures and animations and stuff, but it doesnt matter all that much. Check out the patreon, is all I am saying, I will definitely donate something if you set it up As to the patch, I would like to see it, sure, but only if it doesn't slow down the work on the whole thing
  4. Right? I downloaded it by windows blocked it, altho it would have been awesome if it was real Got a question, if I create a japanese PSN account and buy the game for my PS Vita in japanese, will I be able to install the english patch on my vita after it is ready? Or is it only going to work on psp? And any information about the beta? I noticed there are guides on your website, but nothing to download Is it possible to play what is already translated somehow? Rooting for ya
  5. Yo guys, just wanted to say I am really rooting for you, created account here just so I can give oyu a shout out Honestly if you make a Patreon or something I will donate you 10 dollars or something like that if you finish soon, PLEASE! I wish I knew Japanese so I could help Is there already like a beta version that you can actually download? I would like to at least go through Shiina route Also, I know it's likely a sham, but any chance this is legit? http://englishpatchtranslations.blogspot.cz/2015/12/sakura-sou-no-pet-na-kanojo-english-patch-download.html
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