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  1. Just chiming in to say I'm one of those lurkers who has been following for a long time and I'm so happy to see the translation nearing completion!!! As a long time VN fan I know how hard it is to complete a translation (especially of VN/RPG hybrids) and doing it in just a couple years is honestly a huge accomplishment for an amateur team. There are many paid studios out there who wouldn't be able to accomplish that feat. You guys are really awesome! Really excited to hear your group has a name now and that you'll be focusing on Eushully games. I'll be patiently waiting to see the awesome things Rhapsody Translation does in the future. Best of luck to you all and I hope you're staying safe and healthy in these times. VN's are important but you're more important so take care of yourselves first Now I believe it's about time to start another Kamidori playthrough while I wait for this
  2. Bunny Black 2 Early Impressions and Helpful Info

    I moved my BB1 folder to my desktop and it didn't detect it. If that doesn't work for you maybe on a flash drive? Then I grabbed the 100% save from the Seiha forums. When you start a new game it will ask if you want to start from scratch and what difficulty you want. This will get you Liz and Maki and let you choose your difficulty. You just need to go back and forth from a dungeon to Rakia's, and then to Darx's home where you should rest(this is important as a lot of the CG are only shown when you actually rest, so as a general rule of thumb if a scene plays right when you get home you should rest to check for any additional events) and then visit the prison. This will trigger any queued events tied to those locations. Just to warn you it's going to take a LONG time but it's the only way to make sure you see everything. As soon as I unlocked Filliane and Marialis I did this to unlock all the CG/scenes at the time and holy shit it took over 2 hours to get all the scenes out of the way. After you get all the scenes at Rakia's and the prison you can stop going there every time(but you should still check back occasionally at both places, sometimes seeing a certain CG/scene will trigger another event that can be viewed somewhere else), but eventually it slows down to where you have to go to a dungeon and back to Darx's twice for a scene to play and then it gets even slower and you have to do it 4 times for the next scene. And you can't just go to a dungeon and leave 4 times and then go back to Darx's. You have to go the dungeon, leave and go back to Darx's, and then repeat it three more times for the last 20 or so scenes -__- Basically you have to do this process to see everything, and then when the story moves forward you have to repeat it until no more scenes play. It actually feels like this is intended, because no matter how slow you're going on the dungeons, even on the highest difficulty, will you ever see all the scenes naturally due to the crazy high amount of them. It can be tedious but if you like the game as much as I do(and have gaming OCD) then it's definitely worth it.