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  1. Toradora Portable HELP!

    Okaaaay im so dumb. i figured out that the file i got was only the translation, im gonna go fishing for the orignal IOS file...
  2. Toradora Portable HELP!

    Woops... just realised what im doing wrong with the emulator but still no ios file. http://imgur.com/uoCjkOU
  3. Toradora Portable HELP!

    When i downloaded the file from the site, it was a small .zip and did not have a ios in it when i opened it with winrar. (And im not allowed to post images... greaaaat!....)
  4. Toradora Portable HELP!

    Theres no ISO file in it, can you tell me how to share a screenshot so i can show you the folder?
  5. Okay, i just got ppsspp and wanted to play toradora portable, but its not letting me at all. I open the zip file with the emulator but it is saying its not a psp game...? (also trying to figure out how to insert a picture so i can show the screen... for more help)
  6. Comyu Ending Explanation PLEASE!

    But the ending was not clear enough! how in frozen hell did they get through the people hunting them down, when they were right outside!?! (just realized this while writing but i forgot kagome is broken from the spell after defeating all the cou's she has defeated in that weird dream-esc state, so that is one of my questions gone.) Another thing is even IF they went missing, why have they not been hunted down yet...?
  7. Okay, this is really starting to get on my nerves. I just finished Comyu about 2 days ago, and still cant wrap my head around the VERY ENDING. They I feel very confused by this ending, can someone please tell me if I am just missing something very big, or was this just never explained?
  8. Why cant i connect to the main site?!?!

    well I tried fishing around piratebay for never7 but I couldn't find a trustworthy download >.<
  9. Why cant i connect to the main site?!?!

    When do you think it will be back up? I just finnaly got around to getting never7 and now I cant >.< im getting a lil frustrated and sad
  10. Okay, yesterday i was trying to connect to the main site to download never7, and it wouldnt let me into the page. today i tryed again and every time i enter the url for the main site i get redirected to these forums! even the link on the forums to the main page just takes me back to here! is this just me or is this a bug?! did you do it on purpose!?!? PLEASE TELL ME! IM SO CONFUSED AND SAD CAUSE I WANT MY VISUAL NOVELS!
  11. Im gonna need another visual novel soon...

    Ok, guys ill make this clear im almost done with little busters currently! 3 more routes and im done with it! i wanted a vn to play when i was done with that one xD
  12. Im gonna need another visual novel soon...

    As for the VN recommendation, if you liked Clannad then Little Busters would probably follow. I'm hesitant to say Rewrite because that's massively different than any other Key work and alot deeper as far as themes and messages, but if you're open to philosophy you can go for that too. Fate/Stay Night if you want a dark fantasy epic. the MuvLuv series if you want the best thing ever and probably the best thing in english if you can suffer through the first game* (edited because Unlimited isn't that bad) Symphonic Rain if you want something very emotional, but it's a really slow build game. Takes awhile to get going but it's brutal. There are others, but these are the ones that came to my head right away. ill have to fast skip back to that point, i was too busy crying about it i didnt notice that i must have hit the skip key... fuck...
  13. Well then, i just finished g-senjou no maou, after i did sharin no kuni. they were both really good games, i wrote a bit about sharin right after i finished it. here it is. "Alright... just finished Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo... My thoughts on it... i cant stop smiling hahaha... i mean, that story brought tears to my eyes 3 times! I still cant belive i read that. i LOVED Sharin no Kuni. my rank on it, 9.50/10. the story and my personal enjoyment had alot to do with this one. the only reason its not 10/10 is the routes didnt have too much differances, but i honestly dont care much about it currently. i EXTREAMLY recommend this visual novel, as long as you dont mind crying a few times." After finishing g-senjou im faced with a question, (SPOILER HERE TO ALL WHO MAY BE READING THIS BEFORE PLAYING IT!) now, i need another visual novel to take up time, ive done these 8 visual novels. Sharin no Kuni G-Senjou no Maou Hoshizora no Memoria Clannad Kanon May sky Grisaia no Kanjitsu My Girlfriend is the President Now please i need recommendations on what to read next. please follow these requirements if possible. MUST have more then 3 routes MUST NOT be Yuri or Yaoi MUST have a good and to most if not all routes Preferably Has good art, and the total game time be around 10-25 hours with getting all cgs and stuffs. Thanks to all if your taking time to reccommend a new vn to me!