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  1. oh i just manage to make it work after i restarted my pc, but thanks anyway though, i tried your settings just in case.
  2. Hello, i don't know if this was asked before so if there was a thread that has the solution for this problem of mine, please direct me there, but i did search here first before i created this, thanks. So anyway, i want my VNR to show the furigana of the game text so i enabled them in the preferences, but when i tried to play a VN, only the translation and community subtitles are showing up, but when i disable furigana, the game text shows up, i don;t know what can cause the problem as of course i enabled the game text in the options at the side menu, please help if there is a solution for this
  3. I see, well i guess i'll just download those, thanks for the help guys!
  4. hello, i am having problem with the game, i just installed it and opened the game, but it shows me this error: http://imgur.com/FSJfzMA and when i click ok, it freeze for some seconds and gives me this: http://imgur.com/YMuUL8z and when i click on that highlighted button, it just freeze for some seconds again and goes back to that screen, and when i click the button next to it, i get this: http://imgur.com/gf4LymJ and then it close, i already tried turning off antivirus and firewall and add it to exclusion list, my locale is japan, if there are any solutions for this, please hel
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