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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, but I kind of realized I was asking the wrong way. I realized just now that I was more asking for Male lead heroine based visual novels that don't take place in school. Probably should have remembered to mention that, sorry.
  2. hmm, picking a favorite is pretty tough actually..... I guess at the moment i'm going with the Danganronpa games. I'm a sucker for Battle Royale type situations (probably the reason why I jumped at the chance to play Killer Queen), but even still the depth of the writing characters and the creepy atmosphere, mixed with the comedy made it a big favorite of mine. I'm also really fond of the Otome i'm playing at the moment, Amnesia Memories. I'm really enjoying the subversion of classic romance games, how instead of getting a guy to fall in love with you, it's you falling back in love with him instead. I also love how the game is able to make you feel disorientated with each new world you explore as the Heroine is. And thank you for the moe! have a shota in return.
  3. As fun as it is seeing multiple variants of school hallways as backgrounds and having most of the cast wear the exact same uniform, I've always found it more exciting when the plots of visual novels go beyond the schoolgrounds. And whilst I know a good chunk of Otomes that take place outside of school, I'm not quite aware of many male lead visual novels that aren't in school, outside of a few like Phoenix Wright, Zero Escape, Infinity and Umineko. Basically i'm asking here for visual novels with a male lead that have little to no high school focus. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Currently I've started playing through Amnesia: Memories on my Vita. I'm about halfway done with Shin's route I guess? It's pretty fun so far, though I kind of wish my Heroine would speak up a bit more.
  5. I've been a fan of visual novels for a decently long time now, though I admittedly haven't played many. Some that I have played are: Danganronpa Zero Escape Killer Queen Sweet Fuse Never 7 One: To the Radiant Season and more. But still, this seems like a fun community, so I thought, hey, why not join up! Nice ta meetcha all!
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