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  1. I think you forgot the all-important step of running the script through Gizoogle.net to give a more accurate "gangsta" feel. For example, this is the Dracu-Riot! announcement post, translated into gangsta.
  2. I need to stop buying the Japanese versions before the patch comes out. I've had SakuSaku on my desk for a while; guess I'll need to buy the English version now. alas. That, or I can finally resume my Japanese study that I've been so lackadaisical about.
  3. I glimpsed at the QC test. Honestly, almost all the math could be solved by a Calculus II student, if they were good at series evaluation. It just looks intimidating; once you boil it down, it's not very hard. The physics looks like a normal problem in Classical Mechanics. The rest can be done with logic. Honestly, most college students who have taken those courses should be fine. Of course, that alone is a big limiting factor lol.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm a lurker; finally decided to get an account. yay I'm a murder mystery novelist; I spend most of my time writing and editing/proofreading, and when I realized some projects still needed editors, I decided to try and help out! In any case, I enjoy a light dose of VN now and then. Besides avoiding H-scenes, I don't have a terribly big preference for the kind of VN I read. My favorites: Umineko, G-Senjou no Maou, Planetarian, Angel Beats! (LOVED the anime, and I have the VN, though I can't read it fully yet haha), Rewrite, Little Busters! (basically all of the KEY works), and Fate/stay night. I don't know Japanese, though I'm trying to learn (mainly so I can play Dies Irae someday). Nice to meet you all!
  5. Do you still need editors? I'm a novelist; I don't have any experience editing visual novels, though I've done a ton of proofreading, line editing and structural editing for novels (not that you need the latter). Just to clarify: is this editing, proofreading, or copyediting? Editing: rewrites sentences: "to review and change the text to improve flow, prose and overall quality of the work." Proofreading: only fix spelling, grammar and punctuation: "examine final draft to catch all errors: corrects spelling, grammar, typos and incorrect dialect." Copyediting: proofreading + making sure the work is written in the same style throughout. Let me know if you need any of the above; I'd be happy to help.
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