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  1. Just realized... I made an account several months ago and then immediately proceeded to almost never touch these forums -_- I guess its time for a change. Wassup guys, name's Yerian. I've been a visual novel fan for a little over 2 years now, though I'm terribly ashamed of small number I've actually read. I love to just read and research about them though, so (I like to think that) I'm pretty knowledgable about the genre and developers, relative to my minuscule amount of actual experience. As I know many others VNs are, Im steadily progressing in my learning of Japanese. I have interest in someday (soon?) contributing to to the fan TL scene, and would be very happy to help any projects in need (although at the very moment the rest of my is probably too busy for me to commit to something). I'm a a diehard Key fan. Not much else to expand upon on that. I could discuss them in infinite. Type Moon is awesome as well. As would follow I guess, music is extremely important to me. While it might not be break a VN, it can certainly make one ^^ I could probably say something similar about the art: there is many a VN I desire to read at some point simply because Im infatuated with the pretty art. My favorite VN is definitely Little Busters!, although the ongoing Angel Beats! project could very well change that. We'll see. And I'm currently reading Rewrite. Here's to you actually seeing me around the rest of the forums!