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  1. So I just started replaying the Muvluv Saga again, about time. It all started with an urge to listen to mamorubeki sekai or yuugure, you know the two renditions of the song that plays during the really impactful scenes in the game. All it took was to here the track once and holy the emotion that came flowing in with it. All of a sudden I was back watching or and I got to thinking about all those moments in the VN's I've read that really hammered in the emotional impact and stuck with me. So I was wondering what the rest of Fuwanovel's most memorable moments were from the VN's they
  2. Excellent three good suggestions. That should keep me going for a little while.
  3. Ah Long live the queen I totally forgot about that one. That's the sim where you raise the princess to a queen and try not to fuck it up to bad along the way right ? That was fun. I'll talk a look at Narcissu.
  4. So I am indecisive as hell and am having a really hard time picking out a new vn to read. That is why I turn to you oh knowledgeable Fuwanovel members for help in my time of need. I am not a vn veteran but I have read a handful. I'll list the ones ive read below for reference but I'm feeling something with deep emotional impact like Muv-Luv ( my favouite vn series by far ) or rewrite. Also I am only looking for translated vns as I can't read japanese. Muv-Luv/Alt/Unlimited Rewrite Fate/Stay Night Tsuikihime Divi-dead Steans Gate Chaos Head Thank you in advance everyone =]
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