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  1. I need to correct myself, after I tried playing some more, like I said with going back and forth from patched to unpatched version it turns out that unpatched game also doesn't work as it should and freezes too, just less than a patched one and on different places so I didn't notice it right away. So does that mean I need a different version of a game? Could you point me out to that version on this forum so I can try that one?
  2. I am pretty sure that I did as there is not really anything you could make a mistake about patching as all you need to do is drag and drop ISO file on patch.bat wait for it to create a patched ISO and press any button to exit a patch installation.
  3. I finished redownloading unpatched version, since I deleted it after I had downloaded a prepatched. It works perfectly, In fact, it even recognizes saves made with patched version, so I guess in a worse case scenario I could read a patched one then when it comes to one of those points run an unpatched one get passed that point make a save and then go run a patched version and load that save. But if it is possible I would prefer to play a game normally.
  4. Yes, version 1.0.1 for windows, but I also tried older versions 1.0, 0.9.8, 0.9.7 and v0.9.1.
  5. I had been trying to properly run an English version of Oreimo on ppsspp for over 7h now, at the start game works perfectly, but very soon some 5-10 minutes into a game it freezes on a black screen. I had been trying like some 2h to get past that point and eventually I did manage somehow by playing with ppssp settings, but just after some another 5 minutes or so it happened again and this time the trick I used to pass the first freezing point didn't work. Again, I played with ppsspp settings and tried other things and after some time I somehow managed to get pass that point too, but again after just 2-3 minutes there was another point where the game would just freeze. This time a bit differently, rather than freezing on black screen it just freezes. Again, neither of the trick I used to pass the first two points didn't work and I tried a bunch of things again, and again the same I managed to get past it just for everything to happen again after just a few minutes. This cycle continued for over 7h now I haven't actually played a game even 1/2h and I goten sick of it. I can't possibly continue to play a game like this. People who made a patch specifically stated that those who want to play on emulators are on their own, so I can't ask for help there and places where I downloaded games don't offer any help. By the way I downloaded a game twice from two different places, one I downloaded a raw version and patched it myself, which didn't work at all and another one I downloaded prepatched, in both cases patch used was the last one that is suppose to fix some black screen bug. While googling for a solution I find this topic /index.php?/topic/8667-oreimo-psp-patch/">http://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/8667-oreimo-psp-patch/and while the person there had a different problem then me, I noticed that this Forum had a section for technical help with installing visual novels a since I had been left without ideas of what I could try or places where I could search for a solution I thought about asking here. I also noticed that people in that topic said that they downloaded version of a game from this forum and I myself tried searching to download that version to try it, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so if you think that my version of the game is a problem could you also pinpoint me to a place where I can download that version.
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