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  1. Hey there, so you actually get unbanned huh XD Anyway, welcome to the forum.
  2. Did he unban you? Well I'm really sorry for my friend, but he REALLY want to use this ID. And he really want to active in the forums so, I hope the admins can unban him.
  3. Em, my friend is signing up for the fuwanovel forum. But he got this error right after he signed up. Can anyone help him out? Thanks.
  4. I don't know why, but it doesn't work. I turn off the name displaying option but it's still displaying it. When it's just a dialouge, it works like normally like this But when a character is speaking, it's just the name of the character like this Sorry for my bad english. But I still can't figure what's wrong. It works fine on another VN, but I think Hatsuyuki sakura is the best translated because of the community subs. I play koiken otome with VNReader and barely understand what happened. The translation is just too confusing.
  5. So, I want to play Hatsuyuki Sakura with the VNReader, but this is what happen. So apparently, the character name and the dialogue is swapped, so the dialogue is on the top and the name is below it. And I must drag down the VNReader box everytime I want to read the conversation. Can anyone help me solve this problem? I've already watched youtube when annotcloud play hatsuyuki sakura, and he's got no problem. So I was really confused how to fix it. Please help me, and sorry for my bad english. And thank you
  6. still don't understand it i have ai now in the party, and she's got some active skills, but my ayumu only got akashima calibur
  7. So, I leveled up an ability but there are no available skill to set. So, how can i equip the skill? and the ayumu strike, i upgrade it to lvl 2, but on the skill set it's still lvl 1. Can someone help me at this? thank you. Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Really looking forward for this. At first i really sad when MoeNovel released it with no H-scenes, even they removed the kissing scene. But this project really made me want to play it again. I'm sorry that i couldn't be help in other than moral support Wish you all the best for this project, and i think most of Indonesia vn readers are looking forward it too. Thank You for the project once again!
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