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Random Translation: Silverio Ragnarok - Cecile, Jace, Angelica, Patricia




Come into being, oh starlight written upon the heavens, for we are a shining falling star.

From the moment this heart began to beat, the dark prophecy was set in stone.  The messenger of disaster is given no right to live upon the earth.

Sunken deep beneath the dark ocean, the serpent burns its very self with curses.  It will never be forgotten, it will never be forgiven.  The grinding of scales, the raging fangs.  For the sight of Midgard burnt upon the inside of its eyelids stokes the flames of its hatred.

Do you desire my death, oh gods?  Then you are resigned to your fate, are you not?

The promise of reaping what one has sown.  The great serpent sheds its skin again and again in order to become the prophesied divine demon.

The endlessly long, massive body and resentment.  It isn't enough, more, more, more, more... it devours and writhes, and now it is too late.

The World Serpent has been completed.  Looking down upon the small planet, its fangs glisten with malice and its tongue flickers.

Now, who should I swallow first?

Metalnova- Sacrilege Jormungand!


Be burnt upon the heavens, oh my guardian star, that I might raise up the metallic flame.

The black death that corrupts the half-man, half-horse.  The endless poison of the hydra whispers to me to give up my immortality, but I merely snort, calling it unworthy of consideration.

Let my hooves resound against the earth, let me draw my bowstring back, let me hold my resolve within my heart as I run toward the horizon.   Neither suffering nor despair can cause this great bow to rot away!

For if I listen closely, I can here it... the sound of lightning in the heavens.

Oh great father in the heavens, you say that it is too soon for me to become a constellation?  You bless me again with the order to fight?  Then I will go all out, giving everything I have.

I have cut off my rotten flesh and replace it with iron limbs.

I need not tainted blood, I shall change it out with burning oil.

Until you call me to your side and become one of the constellations, now my comrade let us go together into battle!

Let us raise up the promised vow and loose the arrow to pierce through evil!

Metalnova, Overdrive Sagittarius!  

Come into being, oh starlight written upon the heavens, for we are a shining falling star.

The time has come for your punishment, oh dark god of the bloodlline of the cloud giants.  You now reap what you have sown, so look upon this.  The blade you once forged with your own hands has been freed from the iron box.

The flames will never forgive the countless sins whispered of in the shadows.  With the flames burning with rage, you will be burnt away with your castle.

Turn to ashes, oh kingdom of the heavens!  Rot away, oh Valhalla!

And listen, you souls of heroes!  Those collars are unbefitting of you.

Let us march forth to strike down the gods.  For the sake of the world that will bloom once again after the solemn hell.

Metalnova-- Valhalla-birth Laevateinn!



Come into being, oh starlight written upon the heavens, for we are a shining falling star.

The noble duty of chaining the hungry wolf.  If all others stand still in terror, then I shall be the one to complete it.

Now go ahead, take a bite.  My off-hand was offered to the demon beast, and as it hungrily devoured the flesh and blood, it was chained down firmly.

As the price for my bravery, crimson drips from the end of my mangled arm.   My fingers will never return, but why should I regret it?

If I can protect prosperity and the law, as well as show my bravery...

... to be a shield is my honor.  I beg of you, that you should smile and praise me.

'Your devotion is the example of what a protector should be.'

Metalnova- Tyr-Bind Gleipnir!


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