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litrpg author: William D. Arand

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The Litrpg genre has a bunch of subsets, from the gamelit (characters are actually in a game) and portal fantasy  (go through a portal to a game-like world) to Wuxia/xanxia style cultivation and anime-style harem setups.

William D Arand is an interesting writer...  He is definitely on the harem side of things, because all of his protagonists end up with a harem of women who are both devoted to him and end up running his life, as well as being deadly, amoral and more than a little crazy.  Most of his books are based in the multiverse of his 'Selfless Hero' series, and the protagonist of that series is involved peripherally in all of them.  

Happily, there are no actual sex scenes in his books (I say happily because a lot of harem fantasy writers tend to make sex scenes take up two-thirds of the book), and most of the girls react realistically (jealousy, murderous impulses, etc) to the situation even if they end up accepting it.  One girl, in particular, strikes me as being one of his favorite archetypes, even if she is always low in the girls' hierarchy in each series.

In the Selfless Hero, it was Alexia, the goddess of thieves and assassins.  This type of character is the 'psychotic monster yandere' type, with a side of a need to be dominated.  Normally a girl like this would be relegated to enemy status, get killed early on conveniently, or otherwise cause massive problems.  However, he seems to like building into his protagonists a wide degree of tolerance for a number of heroine types.  Heck, Felix (Super Sales on Super Heroes series) has a girl who kills one of the other girls on a daily basis (the other girl creates clones of herself) simply out of jealousy and with permission from the other girl... and soaks her sheets in the other girl's blood and eats her flesh... and he is perfectly at ease with her.

Overall, his books have a rather dark charm to them, with just enough in the way of 'moralistic' heroines to provide a baseline for you to realize how out there some of the other heroines are, lol.

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