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For JVN Beginners: Clephas's Fantasy/sci-fi/science fantasy SOL/charage recs

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First, I should state for those who are unfamiliar with my history that I have played a seriously ridiculous number of SOL romance/charage over the past decade.  While the sheer number I played exhausted me and I frequently desired something else to play, I don't think I ever came to truly hate the genre, regardless of how much it bored me.  What I liked most were ones that contained science fiction, fantasy, or science fantasy elements.  

Now, for those who are unclear about the differences between the genres (in other words, people who aren't nerds/experienced readers of the genres), I'll go ahead and explain them.

Fantasy is a genre where some element, if not most of the elements, of the setting/settings ignore physical limits without any explanation of how they might fit into existing physics (magic, esp, monster summons, etc).  As the genre name indicates, it involves the fantastical, quite literally.  This is further separated into urban (also known as 'junk' fantasy) and high fantasy, the Dresden Files (book series by Jim Butcher) falling into the former and Lord of the Rings falling into the latter category.  

Science fiction is a genre that creates a futuristic or near-future setting with a believable tech advance that fundamentally alters how the world functions.  'Believable' means that it at least claims to be based off of a more advanced version of existing physics.  An obvious example of science fiction for those unfamiliar with the genre would be the Star Trek series, which, while fantastical and often defying belief, nonetheless speculates about a world that simply grew out of modern science and tech.

Science Fantasy is a less-defined genre that stands between fantasy and science fiction.  While many concepts might be based on outgrowths of 'maybe' or existing science, in science fantasy there will also be elements of the impossible or fantastical, such as esp, magic, or some other element that can't be explained by science even within the universe it exists in.  Classic examples that might or might not be familiar to you in Western media would be Star Wars or the Deathstalker Saga (a book series by Simon Green).  

This is a relatively short list of high-quality games in each genre that have an SOL focus for those who like a bit of escapism without digging into a deep story or insanely complex setting.

Science Fiction

Ai Yori Aoi Umi no Hate

Prism Recollection

Koko Kara Natsu no Innocence



Ayakashi Contract

Ore no Tsure wa Hitodenashi

Princess Frontier

Hyakka Ryouran Elixir

Curio Dealer

Suzunone Seven

Sakigake Generation

Haruru Minamo ni

Senren Banka (translated)

Sanoba Witch (translated)

Tenshin Ranman (supposedly still to be translated)

Cafe Stell to Shinigami no Chou

Bokura no Sekai ni Shukufuku o

Uso series by Campus (Fuyu Uso, Aki Uso, Haru Uso, Natsu Uso)

Yorite Konoha wa Kurenai ni

Gokudou no Hanayome

Konna ko ga Itara Boku wa Mou...!!

Lunaris Filia

Magus Tale

Suzukaze no Melt

Natsu no Majo no Parade

Primary Magical Trouble Scramble

Valkyrie Runabout

Shuffle (series)

Tayutama (original)

Toki o Tsumugu Yakusoku

Wakaba-iro no Quartet

Science Fantasy

Kamikaze Explorer

Kokorone Pendulum

World Election

Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha

Unionism Quartet

Otomimi Infinity

Sakura Iro Quartet

Sekai o Sukuu dake no Kantan na Oshigoto



As you can see, it is really heavy on fantasy, mostly because fantasy is easier on the limited skills of a charage writer.  Similarly for science-fantasy.  

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