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Random VN: Prism Recollection



Prism Recollection is a more recent release by Clochette, with a less fantastical setting than Kamikaze Explorer's or Suzunone Seven's.  Prism Recollection's setting is in a future Japanese town that is being redeveloped by corporations using it to test cutting-edge technologies and techniques for comprehensive economic redevelopment (as opposed to the piecemeal redevelopment that is normal in most cities).   From the fact that most stores require people to use digital money to the AR holograms that can be made to appear like screens or holographic overlays throughout the new city, it shows off a possible near future that we already see in bits and pieces in our modern lives. 

The protagonist, Masanobu, moves back to this town after seven years away to reunite with his little sister Konoka and his parents... or so he thought.  However, his parents hardly ever come home, and he finds that his sister has become an impulsive oni-san obsessed pervert and heavy otaku in the years he has been in the way.  In addition, he allows himself to be convinced to join the Three Stars Club, a school club run by an impulsive and typically (for Clochette) massive-breasted girl named Sayaka for the stated purpose of giving guided tours of the developed and undeveloped portions of the town.  In reality, the club ends up doing whatever is helpful to the people around them, and thus is as much a jack-of-all-trades club as anything else. 

Masanobu is a devoted older brother, a surprisingly wise and capable young man who cooks at a pro level, has a strong understanding of computer hardware, and is accustomed to working hard.  He is far more mature for his age than the others around him, except Veronica and with the exception that he doesn't bother to censor his appreciation for the *coughs* physical allure of the girls around him.  He is a terrible liar, so he generally doesn't bother.

Konoka, Masanobu's sister (also the main heroine, though there isn't excessive favor to any individual heroine in this game) is more than a bit of an oddball.  She openly tries to seduce Masanobu into compromising situations, toys with everyone around her to varying degrees, and she can generally be trusted to say something sexually inappropriate every five lines or so.  She also records just about everything around her, using sketchpads, notepads, video recording, audio recording, and cameras.  She has good reason for this, as she has a neurological disease that prevents her from recalling episode memories more than three days in the past, though it doesn't interfere with her ability to gather knowledge.  It has, however, stunted her emotional expression in some areas, and she doesn't self-censor what emotions have developed at all, which is one reason for her often inappropriate behavior (though she also loves the reactions of those around her). 

Sayaka, the club president, is a cheery, outgoing young woman who has almost no impulse control.  She takes pictures constantly, loves nothing more than to help people, and she can be trusted to be attracted to trouble like iron filings to a magnet.  She also has a tendency to overdo things, to act without thinking, and she rarely bothers to restrain her impulses.  She rarely gets depressed, and when it happens, it generally only lasts half-a-second before her optimism breaks through.  She loves Tonan, her hometown, and she wants nothing more than to see everyone else come to love it to, which is the main reason she formed the club.

Hinano is Sayaka's kouhai and one of the two initial members of the club.  She is a master hacker and generally brilliant young woman with tsundere tendencies that generally do a poor job of hiding the fact that it is easy get on her good side.  She has trouble saying no to those close to her, and both Konoka and Masanobu are extremely good at getting around her personal barriers.  In the club, she generally is in charge of gathering information and organizing it into reports.  She is personally indebted and in the hire of the director of the school board, Kujou Hatsune, and as a result, she is forced to also dress up as a maid and work as a waitress at the cafe Hatsune runs on the side (which also serves as Hatsune's research lab and the club room). 

Aina is a half-Japanese exchange student from a fictional European country with a military background and a powerful politician and general for a father.  She is easygoing, open, and she can generally be trusted to create explosive synergy with Sayaka if left to her own devices without someone to stop them (usually Masanobu).  She is openly friendly and open about her initial attraction to Masanobu from the beginning.  She loves Japan and is, without a doubt, a true weaboo.  Moreover, she is in the weaboo stage where even knowledge of her own absurdity does not in any way weaken her adoration of Japan, lol. 

Like all Clochette games, this one combines a lot of SOL with just as much story and character development.  In this case, much of the story involves the effects the redevelopment, the corporations running it, and the people 'left in the dust' by the process.  Central issues include the advanced quantum computer used to run the town's services (the way it is used, its invasiveness, the implications of such systems, etc), the disregard of corporate interests for outliers' circumstances, and the dark side of the town's economic rise.  While the atmosphere is generally kept cheerful, there are a lot of serious moments and moments of danger in each of the paths. 

Overall, I was glad to come back to this game... if only because Konoka is hilarious, lol.


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