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November 2018 Releases



While I won't be playing everything anymore, I thought I'd list here the non-nukige up for release and my impressions based on the Getchu and official pages.

Definitely will play

Fuukan no Grasesta: https://vndb.org/v23199

This is the latest Eushully game... and it also shares a writer with the last few entries, which were a somewhat mediocre set of games.  As such, my hopes aren't high... but I can't resist playing it.  I mean, the protagonist is a sociopathic mercenary in a city full of slaves and gladiators... how could you go wrong with that?  lol  Typical of the Eushully games released since IMZ, this game looks beautiful at a glance, and if it were released as a non-ero title on console, it would probably sell fairly well.  Of course, equally typical of Eushully is the possibility of the game as a whole being a miss.

Haruka Drive:https://vndb.org/v23284

Now, I know some of you will ask why I'm including an all-ages title here... but the writer caught my interest.  The writer of Hapymaher, Morisaki Ryouto, who has been on board with a ridiculous number of great titles over the last twenty years, is someone I always pay attention to.  In addition, the game itself visually resembles a Key title from ten years ago, which was interesting in and of itself.  Last of all, I'm a sucker for isekaimono of all types, including alternate realities.

The Rest

Kokoro ga Tsunagu Renbyou: https://vndb.org/v24073

It looks like a typical 'non-human girl attaches herself to the protagonist for reasons unknown' charage by what I read.  The protagonist is a total non-entity based on the description (actually says he is average, which made me blech), and while I might have been willing to at least try this before, it couldn't catch my interest this time around.

Amazing Grace: https://vndb.org/v23448

Looks like a typical time loop 'save everyone' story.  Based on what I read, it seems like a nakige, but it was sparse on clues.  The protagonist being an amnesiac in the situation I see makes me wince, but I'll probably play this eventually, even if I don't this month.  The size of the cast of characters says they probably put a lot into making the game, but it was written by LoS's 'kusoge team', so I'm wary of it, since those writers' record of failures is so long it makes the eyes spin.

Love Coordination: https://vndb.org/v23480

Just reading up on this one made me want to wince.  For some reason, the makers of this game decided to combine summer themes and a 'run the cafe!!!' type charage/moege.  Considering that either tends to be heavy on the sappy romance, I'm sure a certain type of person will squeal for joy at the idea.  However, after checking up on this one, I knew I would never play it.

Otome ga Musubu Tsukiyo no Kirameki:  https://vndb.org/v23338

Yet another overly long title for yet another Ensemble trap protagonist game.  Judging by the available content, it looks like Ensemble is trying to deceive the reader into thinking this will be another Koi no Canvas (incidentally, one of only two truly great games by this company).   The presence of Kouji on this project is something of a positive, considering that Sunao ni Narenai was not unbearable, but the presence of two mediocre to pure crap writers along with him makes me want to ignore this one, despite my fondness for trap protagonists.  To be straight about it, I'm tired of Ensemble luring me with surface-level capable protagonists who immediately become average once the actual heroine paths start.  For some reason, they kill the protagonists' individuality (or at least their interesting points) the second they hit the heroine routes, lol.



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