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VN of the Month Updates



For March's VN of the Month

fun2novel has finished etatoto and will be sending me his review at some point in the near future.  Dergonu is currently playing Akumade, Kore wa ~ no Monogatari, though the current date he will be finishing it is unknown.  When I have their reviews for these two VNs, I will announce the VN of the Month for March.

For April's releases

I've currently completed three VNs from this month.  Koneko, Maou to Yuusha, and Tenpure.  Only Maou to Yuusha, of the three, is at VN of the Month levels of quality, but I still have to finish Taiju (SofthouseChara's newest gameplay hybrid) and the second game in the 9 series by Palette.  I do not plan to play Front Wing's new release at this time... (mostly because I don't have any charage energy left after the SOL overdose from Tenpure and Maou to Yuusha).   I might get to it later in the month (I don't plan to announce April until after March...), but that will be after I've made a recovery, lol. 


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