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Vn of the Month, July 2016



July was unique so far, when it comes to the quality of what was released.  Three VNs, Amatsutsumi, Senren Banka, and Floral Flowlove were all at a high level of quality that qualifies them as a potential VN of the Month.  As those who keep up with this blog know, I really won't name a VN of the Month if I don't feel there were any releases worthy of it.

First, Senren Banka:


Looking back on it, it was an enjoyable experience, but I came to the conclusion that it was the weakest of the three, when I compared them. 



Floral Flowlove:


More problematic was that, as I looked back on it, I honestly couldn't measure an appreciable difference in overall quality between Amatsutsumi and Floral Flowlove.  Normally, I have a clear conclusion on the matter of the VN of the Month shortly after I finish my last release from that month, but in this case, I continued to consider it right up until the last of the next month.  My conclusion was that both games were of roughly equal quality, subtracting their flaws and considering their unique aspects.  However, it was the use of the G-senjou story structure in Amatsutsumi that eventually made me pick Floral Flowlove as VN of the Month July 2016.  Sadly, the systematic aspects of the ladder-type multi-path story crippled the VN in some unavoidable ways, though Amatsutsumi is far more emotionally stimulating.  Floral Flowlove is just more complete in a general and technical sense than Amatsutsumi was.  This is the single hardest decision I've made in a contest since I had to decide between Hapymaher and Komorebi no Nostalgica for VN of the Year 2013. 


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