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Still Not Complete Spoilery Stuff, Part 2: Ghosts Don't Need Logic



So after railing about the lack of logic in Megumi's story in No One But You, I've moved on to the wonderful world of ghosts, which defy logic anyway, so it's all good to be illogical. Because it's a ghost story.

With ghost stories, a lot of times you can see them coming from a mile away. The author either accidentally or intentionally tips his hand that his story involves ghosts. Bruce Willis is the exception, not the rule. And that's okay. I'm down for a good ghost story, especially if it can draw an emotion out of me. If you can surprise me so much the better, but you don't have to for it to be a good story.

Congratulations, writer of Chinatsu's route. While you didn't surprise me, you made me cry. A lot. If I don't find some Visene soon I'm just going to go get drunk and blame my red eyes on the booze. Can a ghost be a waifu? Because I would make Chinatsu my ghost waifu.

So you scored on that route, NOBY. While I could tell she was a ghost, you did a very nice job of keeping it from the protagonist. Most of the ways she used to hide her secret from him were very plausible, which certainly helped strengthen the story. The ending, while expected, was still well done, which is what's important in a ghost romance story anyway. Let's face it, most ghost stories end with the ghost fading away, finally having the one thing keeping them chained to the living world accomplished, making it time to go. If you write it well, it's all that matters. I can't even call it a cliche because there aren't many other ways to end a ghost story. Ghost either stays on Earth forever (which would probably be a bad end) or ghost finally knows peace. Great job on giving Chinatsu peace.

Actually, I'm pretty much through with the VN, as I only have one achievement left on Steam to earn, and I'm pretty sure it's the "Your protagonist sucks at life" achievement, where he doesn't get a character route at all. Overall, Loved Chinatsu's route, really liked Yui's route, Shiro's route was just okay, Megumi's route infuriated my sense of logic... and I skipped through Ryo's route because I just don't go for that. Overall it's a decent enough read. It's strength tends to be in character interaction over plot most of the time.

And the protagonist still looks like Ryo...

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