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Random VNs Tsuyokiss Nigakki

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For those who haven't read my comments on the first Tsuyokiss game, here they are.  I'm now going to move onto the direct sequel to the original, Tsuyokiss Nigakki

Tsuyokiss Nigakki is the second VN in the series, based in the second semester of the same year in the protagonist's life.  The introduction of a new character - Serebu - seemed like it might change the dynamics a bit... but it really didn't.  I was honestly disappointed with the lackluster common route and the sheer amount of repeated text from the original (In particular, Erika's route suffers from sharing exactly the same general beginning pattern, just adding on a few details in a cheap attempt to make it seem like a new route).  I'll be straight with you... the lack of really good development for Serebu and the weak paths for the repeated heroines (weak because I basically just experienced nearly identical paths yesterday) meant that this VN falls flat on its face... and that is probably the reason why this one wasn't included in the omnibus of Tsuyokiss VNs released last month.  After all, there is no real reason to remind people that Candy Soft's flagship series produced a sub-par game with so many cut corners, now is there?

Understand... I realize that using mostly the same heroines means that there was going to be a lot of similar events, but the VN as a whole came out feeling... washed out in comparison, despite a few minor tweaks to the visual character designs.  Part of this was the aforesaid issues with repeated text (something you probably wouldn't notice if you weren't me and used to nitpicking on stuff like that), but an even larger part of it was the issues with VAs (several were switched out, for whatever reason) and the lack of any true depth to the new character.  I'm not going to say that there were no new events on any of the heroines' paths... but the basic pattern for each was pretty much the same in a general fashion.  To be honest, there were a thousand different ways they could have approached a new Erika path (the original being a bit poorly designed in the first place), but they chose to do the initial relationship formation in exactly the same way with a very similar track of events.  I wanted to kick the writers by the end for repeating the studying scenes (albeit with new CGs and new text, if with the same meaning and atmosphere), and I wanted to do so even more for the pathetic way Erika comes to almost exactly the same conclusions at about the same time in the path.  It is a sequel not a fandisc... give me something new for the sake of Nyarlathotep!  I would have been perfectly happy if they'd actually gone through the trouble of not having paths for the previous game's heroines at all, if they were going to do it this way!

This kind of blatant attempt to exploit the original's popularity with as little effort as possible pissed me off, seriously.



Edit:  I will say that dere-Nagomi is great no matter how times I see her.  She makes every other kuudere I've met seem pleasant and friendly in comparison until she goes dere... where she becomes the ultimate deredere heroine.

Edit2: To elaborate on the 'paths are the same' issue, some are identical in the general process, and others also are identical in the ending.  Nagomi's path was the best in the original, and it continues to be the best in the new one.  Yoshimi's path is straight-out weaker in this one, Erika's is essentially unchanged save for the ending, etc etc.  The big difference is that the game overall is much shorter than the first one.

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