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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 Translation (PSP)

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Hi there!

My name's Adam and I'm a big Milky Holmes fan, as it combines japanese media (VN, anime, etc.) and detectives (the Sherlock Holmes novels were basically my childhood :D ).


After finishing TOMH1 for the PSP I have been looking for a translation patch for the second installment.

As you probably noticed by me posting a new topic, there is none yet.

Therefore, I'd like to propose to create a patch for Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2!


As I'm neither knowledgeable in japanese, hacking or anything else besides the English language, I'm only limited to editing and quality control (I know, sorry for being a worthless good-for-nothing :P ).

In any event, I'm currently looking for people who might be crazy enough to help me with this project.


Following positions are free:


- Hacking

- Translating

- Translation Checking

- Editing

- Image/Video Editing

- Quality Control

- Patching


And last but not least, I'm very sorry for:


- Taking your precious time

- Creating a huge wall of text

- Making such a selfish request for help



Thank you very much in advance!  :)

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