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[COMMISSIONS OPEN] Experienced Live2D Animator/Rigger for Games, Visual Novels, and VTubers - Over 3 Years of Expertise


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Hello everyone,

I'm shiranui_bzw, but you can just call me Shira! I've been freelancing as a Live2D animator/rigger/modeller for over 3 years, specializing in custom Live2D rigging, animation, and modeling commissions for VTubers, Games, Visual Novel and videos.

I have a deep love for visual novels, particularly those with compelling storytelling across various genres. From psychological horror to comedy and slice-of-life, some of my favorites include Clannad, Little Busters!, Subarashiki Hibi, DDLC, The Song of Saya, IMHHW, Steins;Gate, Higurashi, and many more.

While I cherish these classics, I'm also eager to find time to explore novels beyond the well-known titles. As a passionate enthusiast of visual novels, my dream is to work as an animator for one someday! You can discover more about me and explore my portfolio on my ShiraLive2D Rigging Commission Website.


Live2D Animation/Rigging Services that I provide:

  •    Live2D Animations for VTuber/ Face-tracking
  •    Live2D Animations for Games/ App
  •    Custom Animations
  •    Idle/ Looping Animations
  •    Animations for Wallpaper Engine and videos


Live2D Animations for VTuber/ Face-tracking:

Personalize and craft your unique avatar with a range of expressions and animations!
Perfectly compatible with VTube Studio and other face-tracking software.



Live2D Animations for Games/ Visual Novel/ App:

Create captivating animations for your games, mobile apps, or visual novels!
Compatible with game engines that support the software's SDKs.



Custom Animations:

Craft any animation you desire (one-off animations that play once).
Perfect for VTubers, games, and videos too!



Idle/ Looping Animations:

Craft any animation you desire (one-off animations that play once).
Design a looping animation that plays continuously—ideal for VTubers, games, and videos!



Experience the FREE Live2D sample models – download them now!

For more of my work, you can visit my Live2D Animation Portfolio or 不知火-我.shiranui_bzw YouTube Channel.

For more information about my pricing, you can visit my Live2D Pricing for Commission page.

Feel free to reach out to me through my contact page: ShiraLive2D Contact.

If you're curious about my Live2D animation journey and the values I hold dear, take a peek into my Journey of Failure and Passion.

Thanks for reading. I hope we can work together seamlessly. Have a great day!

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