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Trouble Running Majikoi on Windows 10

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So I recently downloaded and installed Majikoi from DMM, and I have been unable to get the EXE to run. It will sit in open as a background process (NeXAS 32 Bit) but won't actually open. I have tried removing the SoftDenchi from it using a HexEditor, but that didn't work. I haven't tried using DenchiUnwrap because I am unable to find a working download link for it. I have tried reinstalling the game as well. My system locale and language is already set to Japanese.

I can't really think of anything else to try. I noticed other people having this issue when I googled it but there was no clear solution to be had. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Edit: I found the solution to this problem from somebody on reddit. In case anybody is having the same problem as me, you just have to login into DMM the first time you launch the EXE. If you're like me and can't read Japanese, it is a little confusing and I thought I had to use the DenchiUnwrapper to prevent the website from popping up. Turns out you just need to download the SoftDenshi runtime, then it will prompt you for a login.


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