If you've bought a localised Visual Novel and are finding yourself with tech issues, please check the list below for the corresponding publisher/retailer and contact them in order to resolve your issue.
Fuwanovel is not the most adequate place to help when you can contact the companies responsible directly. Any threads about licensed titles will be redirected to the corresponding publisher. MangaGamer Support Twitter JAST USA Support Twitter Sekai Project Support Twitter Denpasoft Support Twitter Frontwing Support Twitter Sol Press Support Twitter NekoNyanSoft Support Twitter Askys Games Support Twitter Moenovel Support (Bottom left of the page) Twitter Fruitbat Factory Support Twitter Lemnisca Support Twitter ----TEMPORARY---- The Game Technical FAQs & Solutions and the Walkthroughs forum have been updated (mainly rules and/or sticky threads). If you have any feedback, be it about this or for improving the forums in general, please leave a post below or contact staff directly. Bear in mind that after some time these posts will be hidden (or made into a new thread) and this thread will be locked.