this is a bunch of tools to extract/repack, encrypt/decrypt, dump/insert (…or so how you call it) script from various vn engines. to get the script, (sometimes) you need to extract the game archive first, please go to the data extraction thread. since there are so many game engine, I can not test all of them (because of resources limitation, like internet download, pc, etc…),
i'll keep this list updated as i can, but if this tools didn’t work, or you did not found tool for specific game engine, I can not help any further…   ADV AI5V / SILV ASM / Complets Alice Soft AZSys BGI / Ethornell Cat System 2 Criware CPK Crowd Engine EntisGLS Escude / ACPX Etude Eushully / ARC Game Engine ExHibit FJSystem FVP Engine / Favorite Ikura GDL Innocent Grey / Noesis Kirikiri/KAG/KRKRZ Kogado Liar-Soft / Rail-Soft Majiro Malie Engine Nekopak / Neko SDK NeXas Propeller Purple Software / CMVS RealLive Rejet Engine RSystem Siglus Engine Silky Engine Softhouse Chara Softpal / Amusecraft / Unisonshift System-C System-NNN Tea Time Waffle WillPlus / ADVHD Xwhale Yatagarasu Yuka Script YU-RIS   All-in-One Tools Multiline Editor Sacana Wrapper   Game Specific Tools Ao No Kiseki Aristear Remain Danganronpa Dal Segno / Fortissimo EXA / Fortissimo EXS Fushigi Densha Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate Leyline 1 / Leyline 2 Majikoi Natsuiro Drops Persona 3/4/5 / Altus Games Rewrite Sakaagari Hurricane (PSP?) Sora no Woto: Otome no Gojuusou (PSP) Steins;Gate / N2System PrismArk Taiyou no Promia Yet another game specific repository