VNR now have a new server, so it's fully functional again!!!! Here's some instructions: - Go here and make a new account if you want to upload subs and terms (I think it works better logged in than as a guest). You can synch it with your old sakuradite account so you can keep your language preferences and things uploaded. - After that, you can upload your subtitles files stored in VNRfolder/Cache/Subtitles/xml/(important!) and upload the terms dict (if you didn't add anything private, you can skip this). Since it is a new server, it's pretty much empty until someone adds something into it. - The VNR compatible with the new server can be downloaded here: (latest version) - You have to add all games with the wizard for it to recognize. However, if you didn't delete your old VNR, it will open with all your games already in the springboard. - Just one time while I was testing it ramdomly crashed, so it seems to be a stable version. Have fun, people!   UPDATE: Based on people's questions: - Want to login in aniclan? Use your new name and password. Want to login in VNR? Use your sakuradite name and password. (For now, Dangetsu may change it in the futute) - Can you read logged as guest? Yes, you can. Can you add things in the shared dictionary logged as guest? I don't think so (Never worked for me, needs more testing) - VNR says it's a unknown game? You'll need to manually select the right text thread before you can use it. After that, it will work normally. Usually, the default option isn't UTF16, so if no subs are showing, select UTF16 right away! (UTF16 is the most common, but if it doesn't work, try UTF8)