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Coliseum of Chatter Rules

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Coliseum of Chatter Rules


These are guidelines meant to be followed when posting in the Coliseum of Chatter board, please make sure to read them.


  • No excessive amount of private joke threads. 

If a joke is good enough that it can be enjoyed by many without being offensive, it's okay, but otherwise let the private jokes remain private. 

  • No cluttering the Recent Topics box

If one thread is funny, that doesn't inherently mean you have to create 5 more threads that are just slightly different after it, this clutters the new threads and buries other more significant threads, please try to keep other threads in mind when posting. If we see too many threads needlessly cluttering the box, your thread might be hidden and you will be notified about it.

  • No excessive trolling

There's funny trolling that people can get behind and there's "enough is enough" trolling. If we see the same person/group of people keep posting the same kinds of threads in succession that have little to no purpose to them and clearly have the intent of provoking, the threads will be hidden.

  • Private groups need to remain private

​This goes for outside groups of Fuwanovel such as Teamspeak and Skype groups. We don't hate you and you're more than welcome to try and engage with the community and even have your own dedicated thread. However, do not make several threads that are centralized about your private group, leave all the jokes in the same thread unless you have something that you believe is worthy of sharing with the community

  • The Chatter board is not a sex board.

While everyone's entitled to have their sexual fetishes and preferences and despite eroge being very prominent in the visual novel scene, please remember to not have overly sexualized discussions, take those into private discussions instead.

  • Try being a little serious

We all know the chatter section is for having fun and be random, but when making a thread, please try to give it some form of topic and proper discussion and at the very least your own opinion on the subject. Threads sharing a single video or image for example really serve no purpose if you don't expand on said content in the OP. If we see a thread really has absolutely no purpose in existing, we will hide it if we see fit to do it.

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