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Portrait / Side sprites next to the textbox


Use of side-sprites in VNs  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the use of portraits/side sprites in a VN?

    • I don't like it, I find it redundant and weird.
    • I don't mind it, it doesn't make a difference with or without to me.
    • I like it, it makes the reading more comfortable overall.
  2. 2. If the VN is non-voiced, do you think it's worth using portrait to recognize more easily who's talking?

    • Yes, it's a great idea.
    • I'm not fond of it, but if it makes reading more comfortable I can stand it.
    • No, I'd rather have another way to recognize characters.
  3. 3. What do you think of using a portrait even for the male MC?

    • It's a good idea.
    • Only if he has a strong enough personality to justify it.
    • No, it ruins the immersion.

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This is one gimmick i never understood. If the character is talking with a sprite onscreen why do you need a second sprite on the bottom? I always thought it was a little cluttery and redundant but since most VNs let you turn it off it usually doesn't bug me.

The only time i recognize this is useful is when the character is not onscreen.

So yeah personally i think just having the character sprites doing the facial expressions is enough and the only time you could use a textbox portrait is when the character isn't on the scene but is still talking.

I also like it when the MC gets a portrait since most games never give them a sprite so that gives them some kind of face and more expressions in general.

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I've always been neutral towards character side portraits

Agree on its redundancy when characters are already on screen, but also agree on its benefits for characters that aren't on screen.

Princess Evangile is one VN that only uses side portraits for off screen characters, and I thought that was pretty nifty.

Side portrait for protagonist is an interesting one. At first I thought I'd be neutral towards it too, but thinking about it, I'm leaning more towards the 'it breaks immersion' side. Dunno why. Maybe cuz I tend to view what's on screen as what's being seen by the MC so seeing his/her portrait down there when speaking would be like wut.

Maybe make side portraits a toggleable feature? Satisfy both worlds  :P

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Honestly, I don't care either way, but it's nice having it for non-voiced VNs, especially when a character that's offscreen is talking, and the only way to tell who's talking is either through the context or if the writers/TL made a note.  Admittedly, it's a bit redundant, and can irk me occasionally, but so far I haven't really had a problem with it.


Personally, I hate it when VNs try to get you to pretend you're the main character, so the third question is pretty irrelevant for me.  I'm reading it for the story, not to pretend that I'm in a relationship or that I'm having sex with 2D girls.

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This works when the novel doesn't have character sprites like swan song otherwise seems redundant



Is it just me, or the 3rd question sounds a bit sexist?

I have no problem with the side portraits btw. I like it, in fact.

He is saying that if the MC (which most of the time is male) is being portrayed breaks the immersion of the novel, I don't think it's about gender

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It's understandable that everyone is towards side-sprites only if the character is off screen :P I still like Dengeki Stryker's use of it. As if there wasn't anything interesting going on in the background. I can still see the facial expressions on the left and just keep my field of vision around the textbox. Which helps me go through sections at a quicker pace, if there's an expression I haven't seen I just check the character on the screen itself.

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