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VN Organizing Software


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Anyone know if any software exists which can organize VN's/Aggregate data about them into some sort of easily browsable offline database? I know the VNDB has an API which would allow scraping so collecting the data wouldn't be hard at all. 


As an example of what I'm talking about; over on the ULMF forums Lux created such a piece of software for RPG maker games, it scrapes DLsite JP/EN and forms an amazing database using just the RJ codes. This means that instead of looking through hundreds or in some cases thousands of folders to find the game you want, then looking it up on DLsite, you can do a quick search on this database and find all the info about a game that you have (i.e: rating, preview images, genres, time played, date installed etc. etc.), and then launch the program directly from the database list alongside AGTH/Translation aggregator (it launches all 3 together). It makes sorting through these games, deciding which one to play, and hooking text an infinitely more simple task. 


I know something like this probably doesn't appeal to everyone, but I'm really OCD and like my data/files to be organized as well as possible.


I wish I had the programming knowledge to bring something like this into existence, but alas, I have none ( (so hopefully it exists already!)


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It sounds like you're asking for an offline copy of VNDB, plus some extra stuff. A lot of the stuff you talk about for RPG Maker doesn't seem feasible, simply because of difficulties obtaining a copy of said game and disk space reasons...  But as far as the offline VNDB side of things, that is very easily solvable:


- In addition to the API, VNDB also uploads nightly database dumps: https://vndb.org/d14. So there's no need to scrape the data from the API. Download it, unzip it, and done.

- Moreover, VNDB is open-source, so you can pull down all the source code and run a local instance: http://g.blicky.net/vndb.git/


Then it's just a matter of adding the features you want. For instance, adding an additional column to the database for "file location" or whatever, and then making that a clickable link in the local website, would be easy.

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Oh wow, I didn't know it was open source, that is awesome, thanks!


Yeah, VN's take up a lot more HDD space, I prefer to keep most of mine on a separate external HDD which is dedicated to just VN's and the list is fairly large, it makes finding the one I want to play next somewhat challenging as all I have to go by is a name (often in japanese), I was just hoping that there was something similar to the dlsite game manager for VN's, but I guess running an offline version of VNDB to quickly look up any title would be a fairly good approximation of what I was looking for.

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