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Another 3000th Post Thread

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just post a rin pic, say L0v3 Lif3 Rul3$ h@ppy 3OOO, and put up your flame shield for when maef goes 'who are you'


L0v3 Lif3 Rul3$ h@ppy 3OOO

*flame shield activated*


On a serious note, this is my 3000th post I guess? I have currently 2180 posts in the Love Live School Idol Festival thread, but might as well make a 3000th post thread anyway :sachi:

5th poster to 3000, lowest number of likes in the top 10 posters, and only ever created 3 threads, and barely any of my posts are in the actual VN talk board, great contribution to this forum I am :makina:

So uhh, hi.

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Hi welcome to the forums / happy 3000; I see you haven't made a VNDB yet. Make one!

I actually have, but it was so embarrassing I unlinked it :sachi:


I also stopped maintaining it so it's very slightly out of date (not like there is a significant change to be made).

Edit: Made one update, I finished Symphonic Rain :P

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