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Kyou: After Story fan fic

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ugh..... ive been debating on drawing more attention to this, since its the very first fan fic ive completed, but after 2 years of it having no feed back ive become a bit desperate. its on MAL and i have no plans of moving over to Fuwa since that would take a lot of time.


as i said it was my first fan fic that ive ever completed so go easy on it. this is a fan fic for the anime clannad and its second season clannad after story. the setup is it takes place 5 years after (SPOILERS FOR CLANNAD SO CONTINUE READING AT YOU OWN RISK) Nagisa passed away from child birth. the twist is that tomoya doesnt end up dead with a dead ushio in his arms. instead it focuses on him moving on with his life with ushio and he just might find new love in kyou fujibayashi, the girl he knew from high school.


i focused on kyou because she is one of my favorite girl from the clannad universe. just look at her, she is so pretty.



Now i know the pacing is off on some parts where it just jumps around or goes too slow, so cut me some slack. its not im trying to revolutionize the fan fic world. im just trying to tell a story and look at me stalling on the link to my story. what nice weather we're having isnt it? have you heard of the show attack on titan? nice show isnt it.


ALRIGHT LETS GET THIS OVER WITH! ignore the user name, its me. my MAL account is older then this one so i used an older name. ok here it is. brace yourselves, i know i will. http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=547887

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That was great! It honestly took me less than an half an hour to read because I was so immersed. Great job! If Key made an after story for every heroine I would be so glad to fork over a couple bucks to just read it. This was unexpected, and it gave me goosebumps. That ending though... It exceeded my expectations, thats for sure. Thanks for this! Kyou was one of my favorite heroines throughout Clannad and I was disappointed when even though Tomoya and Kyou had so much chemistry together he couldn't get it on with her because he was too attached to his past with Nagisa and his kid(what kind of bullcrap is that anyways bro, SHE WANTS THE D!)

A great conclusion to an otherwise faulty arc. Seriously, Key should've done something more like this with after story instead of Tomoya just waking up and finishing with Nagisa still alive. This is much more realistic in terms of the themes that Clannad put out there.

Thanks again! It was a great read!

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