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Heyho everyone!


I recently bought Tyranobuilder on Steam. And i gotta admit it's a great way to start making Visual Novels in a fast and easy way.


So the first thing i did was make a visual novel about skaters (i skate myself btw. thus the inspiration to do that).

Now the thing is i don't know if others will like it since it's the first one i made and i have to use royality free art from some people on Deviantart since i suck at drawing humans and backgrounds -.-



The story is about a boy named Sasuke and his best friend Akahoshi learning how to do some of the advanced tricks in skateboarding! Since they are still rookies some of the Proskaters in their local area will hate on them because they are far more experienced and didn't have much problems learning all those tricks. Trying to prove their abilities and becoming pro, they sign up to a skatecontest...



And that's basically all you need to know :D (the story still is in development so probably gonna be more to it evtl. a romance too, and some drama) It will be an adventure/school life type of VN. I was thinking of the name Sasukater(bc of the main character) or Skate Life. again still in development!


My questions is if you all could just read the stuff i created right now, and tell me how you think it is?

I'm planning to make it a more branches orientated so the reader can choose the storyline they want to go with.

f.e. sticking with the friends or making new ones, staying home or going out etc.


And if you want to collaborate with me(which i'd really be happy about to make a VN with someone) i'd gladly work with you, im not planning to get money out of it but i'd like to feature it on "indiedb" so people can download it there and then read it   :)


I covered mostly all of the platforms you can read it on (mac,windows,android,ios) Please tell me if the Links are working so i can update that if necessary!!!


Android: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x3rx3wa5q5o2wg0/android_2015412_18244.zip


iOS: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5t4p4y0j4fc86au/ios_2015412_182354.zip


Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r765noo9eyogk84/mac_2015412_182230.zip


Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j6wckaql9g45nyc/windows_2015412_182422.zip

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