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How Global is Fuwa (What country do you actually reside in?)

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I've found it quite fascinating for a while how global of a community this is. When I first joined this site (quite a while a go) I assumed everyone would be from England, America, Australia, (other English speaking nations). And while there are a fair bit of members from English speaking countries, many aren't. Considering how niche of a hobby this is, it's really quite cool how global of an experience Visual Novel fandom has become.


Many of us, (including myself) lie about our location on the location tab of our profile. So what country do you actually live in? Regarding myself, I live in America.    


Lol I remember that time. Personally, I joined up while stuck in the Middle East, so I had a slightly broader mind. I moved back to Canada soon after. Right now, It's hard to say anything for sure, but the countries I normally commute from are Canada, Pakistan and Oman, though sometimes it's somewhere else too. I'm sick and tired of airplanes every year, but it's a living, so I can't do jack shit about it.


 No no. You aren't alone. Canada power! :P


Canadians! Assemble! *waits patiently for the very few other Canadians to pop up*


Sorry ;-;

I've betrayed Canada...

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