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I have a bug with Chaos Head:


I think that some script are missing, indeed, I finished the game yesterday (A and AA) and I saw a walkthrough. First, I done no choice but I didn't get the choice at chapter 6 (it was really weird because after this chapter takumai talked a lot of time about the "di sword he saw when in was on te roftoop" but I never heard something about that, I thought it was a mistake in the tranlastion. (I just want to say that I didn't make any choice on the roftoop, making a choice doesn't trigger the "yes/no" question).




One more weird thing: There is some CG I never see unlocked in the extra, like the one with nanami holding the hand of her dying brother in a white room. I never saw that and there is some other CG I never saw during my game too.


Can someone explain me Oo

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I had the same problems. I don't think that something is missing in scripts. Probably it's just a fault of walkthrough. This choice lead to the meaningless bad end though, so it's not really important. You can watch it on YouTube (it's like ~2 min long), if you want.

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I think that something is missing beause Takumi is really talking about his own di sword." He saw it but he couldn't take it". i never read that in the chap 6, just he saw the crow and run away, thinking about nanami and go back trying to get "shogun" but he just saw a weird spiderbew mask.


Also I think I have some other part missing since I have CG unlocked I never saw before.

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I know what you're talking about, there's also an error chapter 6/7ish where saving leads to a corrupt file.


Anyways, not getting the CGs... Could it be just because your files are still set to read-only? I remember losing all my Utawarerumono CGs without losing a single save because I didn't know what read-only was at the time.


As for the D-sword [insert pervy joke here], I think the second choice was the one that was wrong in the walkthrough.


You should save before it and make a backup copy before applying any fixes, because it's been 2 to 3 years since I last played it yet I can remember I messed up fatally and had to redownload.

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I will check about that, I will also upload a screen with the CG I unlocked that i never saw in the game.


Edit: other bug, there is one CG I saw during my first play I can't see in the extra:




When the young detective stab takumi against the wall, there is a second CG jsut after where they switch and Takumi hold the cross in his both hands. I got the one with a bloody takumi against the wall but I don't have the other one. I have a unlocked CG next to this one in my extra God know why...

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