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Hi, I'm completely new to VN's and need some guidance

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I just discovered Fuwanovel and am completely new to the whole visual novel scene. I did a bit of research after watching White Album 2 (anime), and was extremely happy to discover that the anime was based on a visual novel and that there's a game out there just waiting to be played! I absolutely loved the anime, drama and tension, and really really really want to play the VN, however I have no idea as to where I should begin. I don't even know where I should download the game from and where to get/how to add an translation English patch.

Could someone please direct me to a good beginner walk through/youtube video guide or possibly talk me through the whole process, so I can learn how to download and play the games.

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White Album 2 isn't translated yet.

It's made up by Introductory chapter (a short introduction) which has what vndb describes as a

"Rough patch for the introductory chapter. Many translation and editing errors included".

And closing chapter, which isn't translated yet.


If you don't know Japanese you have two options:

1 Wait for the translation on baka-tsuki

2 Learn Japanese

3 Suffer machine-translation of it, I'd say the chances you'd get anything out of it is about zero

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It's easy, just follow these steps


1. Learn Japanese, N2 level is good enough in this case

2. Purchase the game (or *cough get it somehow *cough)

3. Switch to Japanese locale in Windows, go to control panel->language and region->administrative, reboot

4. Install the game and enjoy!

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There are however many translated VNs out there.

https://vndb.org/ is a good place to find out which have English translations and not.


They link to the translation patches, the VNs you'd either have to buy or download (some are free of charge).


Since fuwanovel recently has turned anti-piracy I can't post download links of VNs, if you choose to be pirate, you're on your own.


However some users with different views on piracy might help you out with that if you PM them.

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Well, i don't know about White day, but i'm new here too and if you are interesed, the Fuwa staf have a program of mentors:




There you can meet a senpai for help you to discover this beautiful world of VNs!

and is not only mentors, they will be your friends!

If you want some help you can aks me too xD, but i don't know much. Tehe :wahaha:

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welcome and may you have a good time.


there is of course the mentors program.


If i were to give some recommendations of novels that are translated these would be it.

Most of these would also be good as for starters except for the Muv Luv series as the first two really are not that great.


Fate/stay night is a must play. It is nothing like the anime thing that carries its name. (well we do now in the unlimited blade works adaption)

And we just have a new patch that has translated the realta nua version of the game. (wich is an all ages game so it does away with the H stuff and replaces it by something else)



Tsukihime Another must play, and no this one does not have a anime adaption.

http://vndb.org/v7 (it is ancient, got no voice and no music. But it is so good)


Muv Luv series, now Muv Luv extra is not that good and Unlimited is merely good but alternative is definitly a must read and to understand it completely you need to have read these two first.

(I so hope muv luv alternative get's an anime adaption at some point)

http://vndb.org/v93 (extra/unlimited) yes they are packed into one game

http://vndb.org/v92 (alternative)



g senjou maou Is also a must read.



clannad is also a must read and is together with fate/stay night one of the vn flagships, muv luv can possible also be considered a flagship.



Other than that there is Grisaia no Kajitsu wich is also a must read. (By the way, no panty shots in this one, just sex jokes by amane instead)



As for a few good anime: (just me rambling on)


Aria the animation:



Crest of the stars:


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as long as one doesn´t mind the story-setting. I somehow didn´t feel comfortable with only handicapped girls as love-subjects. No prejudice intended, but I dropped it.

It was my first, but the novelty gets old pretty quick I didnt even think about the disabilities by the time it was done.

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