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I require an artist.

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I'm currently working on my new Review show but before I upload I want to get some of the artwork for the channel sorted. I would do this myself but I have no artistic talent whatsoever. So I've come here wondering if there are any artist here on the forums who would be willing to help out little old me.


Firstly I need someone to create an anime avatar of me. There's a photo of me in the spoiler tab for you to use as a template (I tried to make a draft in Photoshop but apparently I'm so bad at Photoshop I couldn't even do that). I don't mind what art style you use whether it's a chibi, over the top (like Jojo's Bizarre Adventures) or a more traditional style. One thing that the photo doesn't show is that I usually roll up my sleeves when wearing that kind of clothing. 


Secondly I need a logo for the channel. The channel is called "The Nimbus Show" and I'm thinking of having it drawn with the same design as the Flying Nimbus form Dragon Ball (one day I'll shut up about this show, but not today), but if you have a better idea then feel free to go with your gut.


You can submit your designs here or in a pm. Who ever I choose will get a mention in the end credits of the show (if they so wish). If you have any questions please let me know.


Thank you so much in advance to everyone.



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I wish I was good at drawing, but I know a friend who is. I could maybe refer you to her and see if she's interested~


I'll try to upload one of her drawings if you're still looking for one.

I am still in the market for an artist.

I really appreciate this champ, if she agrees please tell her I said thanks :)

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