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Homepage other than news feed is useless?

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So while its been established that Fuwanovel will no longer host torrents, will they also stop updating the progress of the "Browse" and "Upcoming" tabs? So far, people  have been managing with the diligent news feeds ( thank you very much orz ) but if someone were to not check daily and any particular news post disappears, they wouldnt know about it. I've come to think of this after the majikoi patch came out recently. Majikoi is the first vn project to be completed after Fuwanove's new policies came into effect and while its been mentioned in the news feed, its still in the "upcoming" tab not to mention at an alleged 50% completion status when it should be in the "browse" tab. SO, basically what im rambling boils down to one question. Will Fuwanovel no longer manage the other tabs which still provides people with information on what vn's are currently being translated or whats already been completed?


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