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New Project: Threads you should check out

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Greetings and salutations! I am Rose, leader of the recognition team and I'm here to announce our new project, whose name you can see just above.



What is it?

This will be a weekly Fabulous on Fuwa post, containing a list of threads and blog posts made this week that you should check out.


What's the purpose of this project?

We have two reasons for doing it. First of all, there are lots of threads that technically fit the "should be highlighted" criteria used to decide what the team will be writing about, but making a whole post about them would definitely be overkill and just flood the blog. With that in mind, we started thinking about a way to give them recognition while not butchering our quality standards, which leads us to the second reason: availability of the members. Not everyone browse the forums every single day of the week for 12 hours, so people will naturally miss a thread or two, then to help you guys while also solving our problem, this project was born.


Which threads and blog posts will be highlighted?

We're dividing the list in categories, so whatever fit them is likely to get a spot. Those are:


  • Discussion - Any thread that's trying to setup a discussion or that can generate one by its content. This is not limited only to the Visual Novel Talk board, though it'll be likely from there that we'll get most threads for this category.
  • Announcement - This one is for new project threads such as Manor of Amnesia; devs threads announcing their stuff; VN related tools (e.g TyranoBullder) and basically anything similar to what was mentioned just now.
  • Staff Announcement - Any kind of announcement made by the staff, such as the recently announced award's system overhaul and vntl moon.
  • Lists - Well, duh. We're likely not getting many under this category but I believe it's a relevant one and should at least exist.
  • Guides - Same case as above.
  • Games/Giveaways - Any kind of forum activities (e.g Ren's kancolle avatar group) and/or giveaways.
  • Other Discussion board - Any kind of thread on the O.D board that might be interesting in a way, just keep in mind that absolutely nothing from The Coliseum of Chatter will be allowed here.
  • Blog posts - Interesting blog posts, such as Rooke's writing critique about sakura spirit or Lino's first untranslated route. This is similar to the "Discussion" category but blogs work on a different way than forums, so I believe it's reasonable to divide them.
  • Reviews hub/ Blog reviews (?) - We're not sure yet, but we might add these if we receive a positive feedback on the idea.


So anything made before this week won't ever be highlighted?

On regular circumstances? Yes. Can we make exceptions? Yes. If something happens on the thread that could be considered a "new feature" or something like that, then we'll consider adding it to the week's list. As an example, if I update my Grisaia analyses thread with a new route, the thread has now something new that was made this week, fitting the purpose of this project.


When will the list be posted?

Saturday, always. Some people might see them Friday or Sunday due to time zones, but probably not by much. We chose it because people are busy during weekdays and usually use their Saturday to go party, hang out with friends and all that, so Sunday is likely everyone's "I won't do shit today" day. Posting it Saturday allows you guys to have the list ready for Sunday regardless of time zones, so I believe it's the best choice. 



This week will have a really basic post since I didn't had time to finish the banners and all that. Some of you might be aware that I simply love using images and delaying posts because of aesthetics, so normally I wouldn't ever consider starting the project before having everything done, but as this week was filled with good threads, I can't simply ignore them. The first list should be live in a few hours, so keep an eye out for it.


Feedback is definitely welcome, so if you have anything to say about the project, please tell us.

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We're having a small update on the project. Since stuff like last week's"Interest in a Fuwa Gaming Club" thread and this week's "Discussion: Save repository" fit better in a feedback category rather than as a discussion, we'll be adding it to our posts from now on. We're still trying to figure everything out, since rather than infinitely theory-crafting, we're going through the trial and error route for now.

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