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"Why not just read a book or a comic? Tell me, do you just 1 kind of tv show for example just movies, just series, just reality shows? Do you only read 1 type of reading material? And beyond that do you just do 1 of the folllowing: reading, gaming, watching tv (can't find a better name for it but with it I mean all kind of stuff that is played on tv, i.e. movies, series, cartoons and so on) ? Why just read a book or a comic when we can actually read the same story, have a better artwork, have sounds and voices and even interact with it influencing the ending? But the only way for you to understand is actually trying, you know?"


That's how I would answer it and probably just add some random stuff in there to make it longer and more boring.


just noticed this now, so just posted this now... but I really would like to know the conclusion xD

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!) "Can a book's or comic's (nonexistant) music set the mood? Do they have voice acting?"


2) "You already have your own opinion, anything I say is just wasted breath." (sucker-punch him and walk off)



The ignorant are often willingly and stubbornly ignorant, it's easier to stick with a preconception rather then actually try to view something in another way.

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Well clearly he was interested in the porny aspect, you should have told him theres even full penetration and he would have been like "Senpai, please tell me more! Show me were I can find these things." And thus the start of what would become an long lasting romantic relationship would have been born. Probably.

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(Last time…)
Guy: "Oookay. I still think they're porny." (< not a word)
Me: "That probably says more about you than the art style."
*Tay gets slugged*
Me: "Owww!"
Guy: "No, but really. Why not just read a book or comic instead?"
(And now for the "epic" conclusion!)
Me: “What do you mean?”
Guy: “I dunno. Why read *that”—“    *he waves a finger lazily at the PC screen*    “when you could just read a comic or a book, instead?”
Me: “Um. Because variety is a good thing? For example, do you eat the same thing for lunch every day?”
*Uncomfortable moment of silence.*
Me: “You do, don’t you?”
Guy: “Yeah, generally.”
Me: “Dang. Way to pull a Ford on me. Okay, so, that was a bad example –“
Guy: “Ford?”
Me: “Henry Ford. The guy who made the cars? He’s famous for the line, ‘You can have any color [of Model T] as long as it's black.’ Meaning: sameness is boring.”
*Guy’s eyes are still glazed over*
Me: “Okay, fine. Tell me a hobby that interests you.”
Guy: “NASCAR.”
Me: “Um. No. Try again. Give me another one. A better one.”
*Tay gets slugged*
Me: “Owww!”
Guy: “Music, then.”
Me: *Rubbing arm* “What kind of music?”
Guy: “Oh, all kinds.”
Me: “What’s your favorite song?”
Guy: “’The Angry American’ by Toby Keith”
*Uncomfortable moment of silence*
Me: “I’m feeling increasingly justified, here. If that’s your favorite song, we’ve got bigger problems to deal with.” *Continuing rapidly to avoid more pain* “Okay, so, by comparison – don’t you like listening to more than just that one song? Or to just Toby Keith? Isn’t it good to get some variety?”
Guy: “I guess so. But I do listen to him most of the time. I don’t like much else.”
Me: “You’re making this very hard, [Guy]. Anyway, I’m sure that if you searched your soul you’d discover that variety is a good thing and keeps life interesting. I do read books, but I also read these things—“    *pointing to PC screen*    “—because they’re fun. And different.”
Guy: “And porny.”
Me: “What is it with you and that word?”
Guy: “It’s just what they are, [Tay].”
Me: *mucho annoyed look*
Guy: “I’d be too embarrassed to get caught reading one of those.”
Me: “How mature of you.”
Guy: “They can’t be that much different than a book, man.”
Me: “You’d be surprised.”
Guy: “Not likely.”
Me: “How about we make this interesting?”
Guy: “Fine by me.”
Me: “I’m going to let you borrow [my tablet] for a few hours. You’re going to play one of these ‘porny’ games. If it doesn’t impress you, I’ll buy you lunch. If it does impress you, however, you buy me lunch. And if it makes you cry, you have to take my afternoon shift.”
Guy: “Fine. But if I hate it, you have to take my shift tomorrow morning.”
Me: “Great.” *tap* *tap* *tap* 
Guy: “So what am I reading?”
Me: “It’s a sunny little thing called 'Planetarian'.” *hands over tablet*
Guy: “Wish me luck.”
Me: “Good luck. Oh, and I locked the other apps, so you can’t snoop. Sorry.”
Guy: “D*@%.”
The After-Story: [Guy] loved Planetarian and he definitely cried. Lunch was delicious, as was having the afternoon off. He’s interested in trying another “porny game”, though I do not know which one I’ll recommend to him. I have not yet actually told him that there is, in fact, porn in some of the games. Mostly because I really hate the word “porny.”
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In the words of Twitch chat:

REKT status:

☐ Not REKT


☑ REKTangle


☑ REKT-it Ralph

☑ Total REKTall

☑ The Lord of the REKT

☑ The Usual SusREKTs

☑ North by NorthREKT

☑ REKT to the Future

☑ Once Upon a Time in the REKT

☑ The Good, the Bad, and the REKT

☑ LawREKT of Arabia

☑ Tyrannosaurus REKT

☑ eREKTile dysfunction


Show him Katawa Shoujo next, since it's the only VN you need for a beginner. :illya:

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Guy: “So what am I reading?”

Me: “It’s a sunny little thing called 'Planetarian'.” *hands over tablet*
Guy: “Wish me luck.”
Me: “Good luck. Oh, and I locked the other apps, so you can’t snoop. Sorry.”
Guy: “D*@%.”


10/10, would Tay again.

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