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So this happened earlier today in the clinic. How would you have finished the conversation if you were in my shoes? 


*Tap on my shoulder*


Guy (fellow student): "Yo [Tay], what's that?" *Points to Fuwanovel on my PC screen*


Me: "Oh, well, that's... kind of hard to explain. It's an online community I hang out in."


Guy: "What's it about?"


Me: "It's a fan community for something called 'visual novels'."


*Guy's eyes glaze over*


Me: (continuing) "It's interactive fiction. Kind of like a love child between graphic novels and video games."


*Guy points to a pic of Saber* (< I was working on the Fate/HA walkthrough)


Guy: "Is there a lot of that? The Japanese porn drawings?" (< Saber was fully-armored, btw)


Me: " First of all, 'that' is a character named 'Saber' from an epic visual novel, and she is awesome. The visual novel she comes from is actually longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, believe it or not, so show it some respect, heathen. But yes, visual novels started in Japan so there are a lot of them drawn in the anime-ish art style."


Guy: "Oookay. I still think they're porny." (< not a word)


Me: "That probably says more about you than the art style."


*Tay gets slugged*


Me: "Owww!"


Guy: "No, but really. Why not just read a book or comic instead?"




... how would you have responded? And stay tuned for the epic conclusion to this fateful conversation, coming soon!

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Answer 1: "Well ACTUALLY," *adjusts fedora*  "you should appreciate the grand literary depth present within this threesome scene featuring my two waifus, Saber and Rin." 


Answer 2: "You think THAT is porny? Get a load of this! https://vndb.org/v1292"


Answer 3: "Touché"


I'd probably go with something alongside answer 3. I can recognize that visual novels aren't for everyone and they're honestly kind of like a guilty pleasure for me. When presented with "why not read a book instead" the answer is honestly "Because I'm a huge dork and I like these cheesy stories." Like, he's not actually wrong, but that doesn't make visual novels a medium without merit.

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Still looking forward to assault-free (verbal, physical) responses. Interested to hear your takes on the question : P

Is walking the dinosaur considered violent?


I guess another option is to say: "Why do you watch movies when you can read a book or a comic?"

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"Because Fate/Stay Night isnt a book."


hmm I'll think about a real answer and edit it in, sorry Tay t.t


edit: To be honest, I'd probably either cop out with some meaningless response. He doesnt seem very kind about this so I wouldn't feel the need to continue talking. That said, I'm not one to pick a fight, so that's why I'd just show my disinterest in talking to him with a quarter-assed response. Alternatively, if you feel the need to stand up for Fate/Stay Night or he said something you need to respond with heart to, I'd probably pick between straight-faced sarcasm, like Flutterz movie comment, or actually explain what you like about vns. Feelings are always a good reason (almost always). Even if he doesn't understand them.

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The ability to make choices and decisions which affect your environment or the story itself? You don’t get that in a book. And if you do, it’s done extremely superficially.


You could even have the character's facebook page displayed in real time during the game, once again not possible in a book. The future of stories is interactive :3 


Musical accompaniment. Sound accompaniment. Animation. There's tons of reasons.

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My real opinion is that letting on that you're the leader of a community dedicated primarily to erotic "dating sims" is probably not the best professional move when you work in a medical environment.  Especially if you're a lolicon doing rotations in the pediatric clinics.  It draws unwanted attention.

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I edited my response above.


But I also wanted to respond to Stray Cat.

Basically though, most people have their mind made up about these kinds of things and won't even consider trying them so...

I think it's too early to make such a conclusion about this guy. Maybe

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