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Lilium x Triangle Translation Project

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Weekly Random Update 2

Translation progress: 800/2,995 lines (25%)

(3/4 of the common route done)


With the rate things are going, weekly updates feel kinda moot so I decided I'm just going to be updating this whenever I feel like I reached some milestone or just because I feel like it.


Also thanks for all the support everyone. I've been having fun translating so sinking time into this project everyday doesn't feel like a drag at all :D

I know my pace isn't the greatest compared to some other people, but I feel comfortable like this and am staying hopeful we'll finish everything soon enough.


After the common route I'll be doing Yuna(best girl)'s route

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Ahh, seeing 25% of a game done already is very satisfying. People should pick up short VNs more often.

That's true, i only spend about 2 hours a day but i translate 10% of the game in those 2 hours, can't get this satisfaction anywhere else :P

More people need to apreciate the small gems<3

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Random Update 3


Translation Progress: 1,350/2,995 lines (45%) Thought it'd be 50? Well it was me, Dio!

Common route is complete

Yuna's route is 1/3 done


Good thing the scripts start with the best girl route ヽ(◕‿◕✿)ノ

Translation should speed up a bit considering the H-scenes. Everything's going dandy so far~

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Random Update 4


Translation Progress: 1,850/2,995 lines (61%)

Yuna's route is 2/3 done


Sorry guys, it's been like a week since the last update and progress was super slow this time unlike previous updates and contrary to what I expected.


Mostly because I was doing other stuff and there were days where I didn't work on it (several of them in fact). 


And secondly because this was my first time translating long H-scenes (I had experience with h-manga but this is obviously on a much larger scale) so I'm still a bit unfamiliar with them and thus have been taking more time in some places (lots of TLC will be done on them as well), but I'm slowly getting the hang of it and memorizing a lot of the vocabulary at this point.


Anyway, there is still progress being made and I hope to work on it more regularly again and not slack off so don't think I'm losing interest in the project because I'm definitely not! I love this project and I'll definitely finish it.


Next update should have Yuna's route complete and Sana's route under way.

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Now eventually, when life stops throwing people at me that I have to deal with and entertain (thankfully, they're all leaving by the middle of the next week), I can actually sit down and actually start editing this.


But you guys are in for a treat - this game is super cute.

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