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The ULTIMATE Tsundere

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This isn't even a contest






Tsk. No appreciation for classics? Fine then.




Not really the BEST tsundere.. but Asuka is classic.





She comes to a sticky end..


I don't approve this thread.





Of course Kuu best tsundere.


Really, No Taiga yet?





I don't know any of these characters..


kirino is obviously the ultimate tsundere  :makina:


Can Harem/incest characters be Tsundere?

More at 11.

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Satoko. The fragile haughty lady veneer she puts up just makes her more adorable for how easily shattered it is by small things. She pulls pranks on others just to get attention because she is the loneliest girl ever. And when she's dere she's super ultra cuddly dere. I don't know if you could call her the 'ultimate' or anything, since she's not a very stereotypical tsundere, but if you're asking me who I think is the 'best' tsundere...

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There's a Tales of Vesperia anime with Rita Mordio in it, but these skits are from the video game^^; She is so tsundere.. usually mean and abusive to everyone, but sometimes has surprisingly nice moments (mostly with Estelle, lol).  Skits are so funny~






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