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today i´d like to focus on the upcoming animation of the prequel to Osamu Tezuka´s fantastic manga/anime Black Jack, called Young Black Jack, that is about to air on october the 1st.
First Episode has already been shown on TBS´s anime festa about a month ago, but is non available internetwise, or quite hard to find if leaked and we´ve been told some new details regarding its cast, that are

Yuichiro Umehara as Kurō Hazama
Koji Yusa as Yabu
Shizuka Itou as Maiko Okamoto
Junichi Suwabe as Military Doctor (later rival)
Akio Ohtsuka
as Narrator

here´s the official trailer with a apart of its opening theme, sung by the duo UMI☆KUUN, called

"I Am Just Feeling Alive":

short summary of 73s manga black jack/ young black jack:

Black Jack is the doctor Tezuka wished he could be, one free of the constraints of the modern rules, who can heal and help on his rules. He travels the world helping those who pay him, sometime those he takes mercy on, and always those who move him. Despite not having a valid license, he is still the doctor of last resort, the only man who keeps the reaper at bay. Sometimes though, he's the one who brings the reaper...

Main focus lies here on Tezuka´s early days as a brilliant, but headstrong medical student in the 60s and on the incident(s) that later would´ve a great impact on his personal viewings of the world - ultimately leading to him becoming the mercenary Black Jack (Kurō Hazama).

characterdesign of the military doctor:

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as this years fall is drawing near, news pop out for beeing heard:
today i´d like to highlight the upcoming original anime called "comet lucifer" directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi in cooperation with Studio 8 Bit, which looks pretty promising to me and is supposed to start airing on october the 4th (Tokyo MX), but if you happen to live in japan there´s also the possibility of watching a preview of its first 2 episodes in cinema, starting one day earlier.


Official Site

On the Planet Gift, where valuable crystals named Giftjium lie buried, lives a young man called Sōgo in Garden Indigo, which is a wealthy mining settlement.
Sōgo´s hobby consists of collecting those rare and valuable crystals. One day during his involvement in a riot, caused by his classmates Kaon, Roman and Otto, he got astray and happens to find a low lying river, deep down the ruins of the olden mines.
There he comes across a mysterious blue haired girl, having red eyes, who are firmly  looking straight ahead. Here´s where the adventure of the story begins...

here´re some informations about its cast:

Yūsuke Kobayashi as Sōgo Amagi
An immature young man from Garden Indigo, who lost his both of his parents and now lives together with Do Mon. His passion for crystals stemms from his mothers beeing a scientist, that devoted herself to the research of Giftjium.


Ayaka Ohashi as Felia
She´s a mysterious women, whom Sōgo happens to meet on the lowest level of Garden Indigo.


Rie Takahashi as Kaon Lanchester
A young lady with a bright, cheerful and lively personalty, coming from a family of famous merchants.
She and Sōgo are classmates.

Takuma Terashima as Roman Valoff
Going into the same grade as Sōgo, Roman is not only the schools coolest and most handsome gentlemen, but also the heir to the prestigious Valoff family, who reigns over Garden Indigo.

Ayaka Suwa as Otto Motō
Romans classmate and also from the same grade as Sōgo. Because he comes from a family, serving the Valoffs for generations in an administrative way, Otto is mostly seen together with Roman.

Inori Minase as Mo Litika Sheshes Ura
Mysterious creature called Mōra whom Sōgo meets and whose whole body seems to consist only of Giftjium.

Two promo videos have been aready been released, both with music sung by the band TRUE.

"Like the Cosmos" - „Cosmos no yō ni“ (コスモスのように)


Story of Lucifer which is also the Image Song

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- Mere Humans, brave yourself to the fullest as the era of awesomeness draws near! -

Today Studio Polygon Pictures (Sidonia no Kishi) proudly announced an upcoming anime adaption of Tsuina Miura´s (!!!) and Gamon Sakurai´s godlike manga "Ajin - Demihuman (亜人)", which is supposed to start airing on Januar 2016. After the recent news of them having plans for making a movie trillogy, this one´s like a critical blow right into the face - hopefully bringing an end to the dystopian reign of literary mediocrity.

As of now there´s not much been mentioned, aside from it mainly focusing on the detailed story itself, providing a better insight regarding the world the plot takes place - means we can somewhat safely assume it´s going to follow the source material pretty closely.


Short summary:

Seventeen years prior to the actual story, the first immortal appeared on an african battlefield. Later, rare, unknown new immortal lifeforms began appearing among humans, and they became known as "Ajin" (demi-humans). Just before summer vacation, a Japanese high school student named Kei Nagai is instantly killed in a traffic accident on his way home from school. However, he is revived, and a price is placed on his head.

With his best friends Kaito´s assistance both struggle to escape from the authorities, who are performing gruesome experiments on the Ajin. In the process Kei tries to understand his role in the smoldering conflict between humankind and the Ajin, as well as the nature of his eerie companion, only he´s seemingly able to see...

The Staff and Cast are identical with the one in the movies:

Story: Gamon Sakurai (Sidonia no Kishi)

Lead Regisseur: Hiroyuki Seshita (Sidonia no Kishi)

Script: Hiroshi Seko (Owari no Seraph, Shingeki no Kyojin)

Characterdesign: Yuki Moriyama (Sidonia no Kishi)

Musik: Yuugo Kanno (Psycho Pass, JoJo´s Bizarre Adventures)

Production: Polygon Pictures (Sidonia no Kishi, Ronja the Robber´s Daughter)

Character´s cast overview:

Mamoru Miyano (Light from Death Note, Rin from Free!) as Kei Nagai


Yoshimasa Hosoya (Hyūga from Kuroko no Basket, Reiner from Shingeki no Kyojin) as Kaito


Houchu Ohtsuka (Jiraiya from Naruto, Yazan Gable from Kidou Senshi Zeta Gundam) as Satō


Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku from Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch) as Tosaki


Mikako Komatsu (Tsugumi from Nisekoi) as Izumi Shimomura


Daisuke Hirakawa (Rei from Free!) as Kōji Tanaka


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SAO getting a movie .__.




I don't know what my reaction should be. Whether to be happy that sao fans would get more of the same stuff or just be sad and angry about how capitalism turns human beings into faceless commodities whose only purpose, as viewed by the entrepreneurs, is to generate more profit for them in every possible way inside or outside of metric realms. Each of us now only viewed as 'resources', are dangerously influencing fellow sentient blob of meats into participating on this huge brainwashing program designed by or usually called economy where the 'resources' are just lifeless slaves naturally inclined to work to death metaphorically while the owners or the people with true power and liberty just agonize themselves to death about how to make more money as they become more of an entity than an identity with each profit gained proving my theory again that no one really wins at the end so be sure to watch Fight Club and think of it as a 2.31667 hours of clusterfuck processed on some colour print films only to realize later from all the countless dissected and analysed reviews of it that it actually is a critic of psychological warfare disguised as our modern economy and only three options are presented to us by our logical minds after realizing that.

To blow up all those conglomerates like in the movie but on a much larger scale digitally and physically.

To watch SAO movie.

Or...to just sit around reading and realizing stuffs on the net and do weird things like me...

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would break out in utterly despair IF them going bancrupt might endanger genocidal organ´s future or affect its overall production values in the same negative way, like its been with gangsta the case - already hyped as very fuck & now that....sad world

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Koe no  Katachi apparently will get an anime film adaptation

Seeing the actual manga is already depressing enough I'm not really confident my heart is ready for this


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Koe no  Katachi apparently will get an anime film adaptation

Seeing the actual manga is already depressing enough I'm not really confident my heart is ready for this


Ugh... Koe no Katachi is something I don't want to experience again. 

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There's going to be a new Full Metal Panic! anime :wafuu::wub:


and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable will be getting an adaptation :)


What god did I please? :bow:

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Hmmm....not sure if it will be anime or but since it's Gurren Laggan, i think it's appropriate to put it here? :rimu: 


This had me reeeeeeally excited, till I found out that it might be a pachinko .......

Seriously if this turns out to be a pachinko someone's gonna have drill through their head.  

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